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> Do you use MacOS X?
Do you use MacOS X?
Do you use MacOS X?
For music [ 376 ] ** [41.59%]
For the rest [ 232 ] ** [25.66%]
I will install it later [ 94 ] ** [10.40%]
I stay with OS 9 [ 177 ] ** [19.58%]
Never [ 25 ] ** [2.77%]
Total Votes: 945
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post Fri 11 Oct 2002, 08:04
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From: - US
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I love the stability of X. I can easily go a month without restarting. In 9 I crash almost daily. 9 is far faster than X however. It's a smaller interface and I don't need X's fancy looks and unix shell hiding underneath using up more of my aged (500mhz G3) processor which is still plenty speedy under 9. Maybe I'm just behind the times, but X still seems too sluggish (I haven't tried Jaguar yet). That and the lack of DP.

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post Sun 13 Oct 2002, 06:06
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From: San Francisco
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I'm a newbie to this mb. I just had to jump in when i read this posting because the whole OSX thing has been weighing on my mind for quite some time.
Straight up & right out.. I DON'T like it!
OS X just doesn't impress me at all. Perhaps it's because I just don't get it or maybe its because I'm a bit prehistoric. It's confusing to me, the lay out doesn't make any sense, the folder organization is a hassle, & the desktop is sloppy.
Everytime Apple releases another update to their OS.., I get a little nervous because I have always been & always will be an OPCODE (pre-gibson) enthusiest! Not only do I feel that the OS's are evolving into complication but I also feel the same way about MIDI music software.
I'm sure apple computers had their reasons for whatever.
User friendly...? That promise died after 9.0.

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post Sun 13 Oct 2002, 10:21
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Joined: 08-Jun 02
From: Paris - FR
Member No.: 4,998

If you like OSX then get Jaguar, i chave 2 cinema's and an play a DVD while running a logic audio session and also a qt movie with out a drop frame at all, even capture video at the same time with my i-bot fw cam.

But again the cons are if you work in the real audio envirement logic Audio itself is VERY LIMIMTED to the plug ins that ran in OS9, infact exted off keeping up wit the Jone's via samplers (KONTAKT) by releasing there esx32/64 , they decided to release a new 'audio units" scheme that will slow customers down to apple's marketing pace.

HARDWARE---> APPLE G4, 450MP, 520MB, 4x80Gigata's w/accord pci ata card, 2x15"apple cinema flatpanels with additional radeon (mac eddition)-Powerd a dr.bott Diviator.OS---> OS9.2/OS X.1.1.5.. MUSIC SOFTWARE---> emagic-LogicAudio 5.1.3 with a esx24 sampler , PRO TOOLS (m-BOX & MIX +), Absynth, FM7, PRO52/SUPER-NOVA, Battery, Reason2, Rebirth, Waves3.2+, AKAI & SCii LIBRARY, Roxio5/Jam5,...VIDEO+ GRAPHIC SOWAFTRE---> PhotoShop 7.5, Final Cut Pro 3, Premiere 6, Cleaner Pro 5, After Effects 5.5, qt 6.
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post Sun 17 Nov 2002, 01:50
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Junior Member

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Joined: 30-Oct 02
From: Los Angeles - US
Member No.: 8,882

For music, it's OS9 for the foreseeable future...

With 2 G4's, one running Digi TDM, the other running MOTU 2408 both under Logic 5.3, and the entire kitchen sink's worth of audio apps/plugs/virtual instruments, I see no real reason to switch. It would be like taking this list:

Native Instruments
Bags of VST plugs/instruments
UAD-1 + powered plug-ins
Ohmforce VST plugs (absolutely the dog's)
ASIO drivers for my MOTU 2408 (yeah come on MOTU - OSX drivers please!!)
DAE drivers for my ProFools
etc etc.

And throwing it all on the skip! What, my entire creative arsenal?!


Now why on earth would I want to go and do that? I may as well just shoot myself in the foot, and then shoot the other one...

However, I am quite excited about the future of audio on OSX, it will be the choice in future (good things come to those who bleat), but for me I believe Apple have built the best possible foundations for the future (UNIX based) but now they have to complete the building and get the tenants moved in and then furnish throughout...


Nobody can take from you what you give freely.
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post Sun 17 Nov 2002, 04:23
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Group: Members
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Joined: 14-Sep 02
From: Toronto - CA
Member No.: 7,631

I've been using Logic 5 under OS X for several months.

I didn't mind giving up the old VST plug-ins, because the new features of Logic 5 give me plenty to play with. The new synths, and effects are fantastic.

I'm using a dual 450 G4 with a MOTU 828. Most of the music I make these days is done with Audio Insturments. I love the ES1, ES2, EXS24, and even the EVB3. I sometimes use external keyboards, guitars, mandolins and vocals.

I don't miss OS 9 at all. I certainly don't mis ASIO, which I mostly associate with nasty dialouge boxes. In fact, I find OS 9 awkward to use now that I'm accustomed to X. I've learned all the new key commands, and now X is second nature.

The stability is excellent. And the multitasking is great. I can burn CD's, write music, and run a server from my G4 simultaneously.

I'm sure that as more Audio Units become available, more people will be adopting OS X. It really is much better.
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post Tue 19 Nov 2002, 01:23
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Group: Members
Posts: 1
Joined: 19-Nov 02
From: Riva - US
Member No.: 9,391

OS X rules! Anyone NOT using it is missing out on so much! I could never go back to OS 9!

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post Fri 17 Jan 2003, 00:42
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Group: Members
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Joined: 17-Jan 03
From: Blackpool - UK
Member No.: 10,831

QUOTE (webmaster @ Oct 6 2002, 11:59)
With the new Jaguar (OS 10.2) , and the coming major music apps, how do you feel about it?

I'm sure it's a great new system - I do have both 9.2 and OSX on one of my ten mac computers.
I will eventually and gradually change over to X since so many manufacturers seem to have suddenly
gotten their act together and produced X versions of their software. Good stuff Mac Team !
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post Mon 20 Jan 2003, 13:15
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Joined: 20-Jan 03
From: No City - DE
Member No.: 10,929

Since I have now my update to Logic 5 and Audiowerk driver for core audio are available I do now all my stuff under OSX 10.2. I love the stability of OSX. Month before I was switching back to OS9 just for making music and mostly it was just a pain because under OSX you can work different, better in my opinion. I learned to love OSX and to hate OS9.
BTW, I don't use much softsynths etc, I prefere hardwaresynths and sampler...

This post has been edited by beefpile: Mon 20 Jan 2003, 13:19
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Doug Miner
post Mon 20 Jan 2003, 17:27
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Group: Members
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Joined: 29-Sep 02
From: San Mateo - US
Member No.: 8,066

The stability of OSX makes it my choice. It is rock solid - no problems ever, not one minor glitch. After years of suffering with the limitations of OS 9 and previous systems, I am dilighted. The only dissappointment is that E-Magic has not offered to compensate those of us who have thousands of dollars invested in plug-ins that are now useless. The best third party plug-ins are simply not available and many companies have released recent revisions which do not support audio objects and apparently will not for some time. Perhaps E-Magic could develop a shell that would allow us to use Dsp plug-ins.

Bone Doogy
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post Tue 21 Jan 2003, 08:30
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Group: Members
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Joined: 07-Nov 01
From: San Jose - US
Member No.: 2,270

My OS 9 has gone R.I.P. for months. I am making music with Ableton Live and Propellerheads Reason right now and trying to learn Cubase SX which I just got. So far all of those softwares have been great and I have *not* found any reason to go back to OS 9 even though I love DP3. Core Audio/MIDI have been hassle free unlike OMS and ASIO back in the days.

Of course I can totally see that many people who invested in a OS 9 centric environment just can't leave OS 9 and there's a good reason for that. After all, why switch if your tool works!? At this point (especially after ProTools 6 is out and DPX is due out within a couple of months) whether to pick OS 9 or OS X is up to the users. I am guessing when all of ProTools, Cubase, and Digital Performer reach the next major release, there will be enough reason for most of the OS 9 users to switch over to OS X.

What do you guys think?
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