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440Forums is one of the largest and most acclaimed community forums dedicated to recording music and pro audio gear. With over 65,000 registered members and hundreds of thousands of very pertinent posts, 440forums has became an inescapable source of technical information for all audio professionals, passionate amateurs and motivated beginners. Members have interesting discussions with professionals and share great tips about using : audio software (Mac, PC, linux), audio gear, musical instruments, synthetizers, guitars, the music business and much more.

To make things clear, 440forums is the long awaited extension of our very popular forums found at Launched as a mailing list in early 1997, our community forums never stopped expanding as we have been for many years, entertaining visitors with subjects that go way beyond the ultra targeted "Mac & Music" field. As a matter of fact, recent statistics proved what we suspected for quite a while and that is : over 40% of our audience regularly (not to say exclusively) uses PCs, 80% are guitarists and/or keyboardists, percussionists, winds, etc. who play their instruments on a daily basis. Others come from the sound reinforcing, the video or the cinema industry. One thing is certain, it's that all of our visitors are one way or an other involved in the music and/or the pro-audio business and find pertinent answers to their questions in our forums...

Anyhow, we believe it is now time for us to offer a wider frame to our loyal and growing community that has been asking for larger forum content. It took many months of deep thinking and lots of consultation, to find the right balance between quantity and the right perspicacity of the information we aim to cover. Our first concern was surely to keep up delivering very clear information through our forum threads in order for all to rapidly and efficiently find answers to the technical and artistic problems they might encounter in their every day job and/or passion.

The growing success of our forums is certainly due to our rigorous management, energetically maintained by our very involved moderators who permanently watch over their correct operation. Way over courtesy and/or respect that all visitors must keep in mind, it is the overall coherence of the threads that our moderators try to control in order to avoid useless "noise" (off topic posts), often found in non-moderated forums and resulting in poor information searching... Our cool and discreet moderators therefore permanently look over the forums, assuring all of the the subjects are kept in topic for a better, faster, smarter surfing experience.

440Forums wouldn't exist without the continuous contributions of our very active and qualified members. We are so lucky to welcome such professionals that have entertained our forums for over ten years now. It is them or should I say YOU that can keep the forums interest up and going while we commit to do our very best to support any initiatives that could be useful to our lovely community. It is a gold mine of information that we hold in our hands and we will surely do our very best to keep it live and that... just because we are all at 440forums, Music and Audio freaks!