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Full Version: Your Favorite MacMusic's Section?
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Francois Déchery
any feedback is always appreciated tongue.gif
you want feedback? smile.gif

There is a "track this topic" link on every topic.

There should be a "untrack" link on every topic. It's ANNOYING to have to go to View subscriptions and then manually scroll through and find the topic to unsubscribe from.

It would be much easier if there was a link in the email itself that I could click on, but barring that, at least an "untrack" link next to each "track" link.

That would make this site super useful. Right now it's getting annoying.
QUOTE (zelen0 @ Apr 30 2004, 23:52)
you want feedback? smile.gif

We always want feedback smile.gif

The more people participate, the better the site! biggrin.gif

I think that you just loaded Soif's to-do list laugh.gif
On the possibility or not and availability I can't tell in his place.
Francois Déchery
i guess that the new version of this forum board will include this feature... tongue.gif
I should install it this year on MacMusic.. cool.gif
Arif Driessen
well, i find it too hard to find anything here. at first glance, how am i supposed to know what Agora is!? what's the difference between Articles and News? and's what's different between News and Home? Isn't the news on the home page anyway? Are there any tips and advice floating around the site? if so, where? Articles? Agora? maybe Links to tips and advice and or tutorials etc... And why safari indicate HTTP action every minute or so when browsing your site?

Im so unsure of exactly what is supposed to be about!
It seems to be about making music on the mac, but it might be a pc gaming site rolleyes.gif

The thing I don't like is that the page wants to update every so often, which takes a lot of juice, especially when I have several tabs open. Also, for some reason this text box is very laggy blink.gif

Don't get me wrong though, I love this site.
I realy like the site. Only got one problem. When I use log in in safari, the next time I try, it will not find the page at all. I have to empty everything in safari and then open the site again. No problem in firefox. Maybe it’s just me and my safari though :-)
To answer in order… (sorry to be late…)

- Forum (Latin) = Agora (Greek)
- News are short, dayly pieces of news on the actuality, Articles are longer texts, benches, technical how-tos etc.
- Home… it's the homepage.
- Maybe your setup of Safari includes some cookies management… As it is mandatory for us to follow you on the site for obvious reasons (i.e. read topics) if you have set your prefrences to ask you each time a cookie does its job…

pc gaming site? Boooahahaaaa! laugh.gif

Alex, which browser are you using on which system ? If you use Explorer, it doesn't like php forums at all, full of tables etc. It give it bellyaches. Safari, Camino, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox are just fine smile.gif

Rocknisse I don't understand your problem… Wich page are you talking about ?
I’m talking about this whole site, but I belive the problem is my safari, not the site actually. My cocies are not set to anything but accept webpages I enter myself (like I do here). Must be a program I used on safari long time ago. Don’t remeber the name, but it was supposed to open up some hidden features in safari. The only feature it open up was the possibility to choose "localized string not found" when I ctrl-click a link biggrin.gif
The whole site is realy great, i try to visit everyday!
Occasionally seeing french topics in here makes me wish I could speak it better.

Damn myself for quiting French 3.
hrm.. on that note <-- bad pun. gotta love sherlock... smile.gif
don says mac
howabout (sub)forums for specific apps, i.e. logic forum, live forum etc... it can get rather tedious to perform a 'search' for what you're looking for.
I like the software and news section. smile.gif
site is great wooohuuuuu hahaa tongue.gif
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