smile.gif Hi to all Mellotron lovers,
The Mellotron is one of my all-time favourite instruments and gives me tingles up and down my spine when I hear it played and placed well within almost any style of music. It has so many beautiful sounds which I can only imagine must have been stolen from another dimension and sneaked back to our world by angels, then placed into this box for all to admire completely unique and capable of bringing tears to my eyes and wonder to my heart.

I don't record my music on a computer yet, though I'm hoping to later this year to increase the sound quality and manipulation options, but I know there are virtual versions of the Mellotron like the M-Audio GForce M-Tron. I've only just discovered that it now works on Macs, whereas for a long time it was just for PCs. The only danger for me is that I'll be sorely tempted to swamp my currently humanistic, hands on, approach with the sounds of nonetheless beautiful digital samples (as opposed to the very much warmer sounding tapes of the actual Mellotron). Hmmm, we'll see what happens!

cool.gif How I wish that I could afford to buy a Mellotron to use in my own music, or even rent out a studio that had one (the only thing is that I wouldn't want to leave). Still, I'd like to get free reign with a real live Mellotron and be able to caress the beast itself!

I haven't read it yet, but there's a book about Mellotrons that looks good has anyone read it yet? It's called Mellotron: The Machine and the Musicians that Revolutionised Rock. Here's a link to the one I mean:

Thoughts anyone?
Dreamer wink.gif