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Full Version: Dual Boot Osx And Os9
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I am new to macs..
I would like to format my hard drive and create 2 partitions...
one of them i would like to install OS x and the other os9

(to run pro tools 5.3 on os9 and pro tools 6 on osX)

I have: dual 1.0 g4
1.2 G ram
SCSI HD Drives
Pro tools HD2 system with control24

Boot from your OSX disc (not the combined OSX/OS9 sofware restore discs!) :
Insert the first CD and start the Mac while pressing "C" on the keyboard.
Before installing OSX, go to "Disc Utilities", there you can choose the format, how many partitions you wanna have and how big they are.
Than follow the installer, install OSX on one partition.
Restart with the OS9 disc and install OS9 on the other partition.
Do all of your disc formating, utilities etc with OSX (especially on Firewire HDs) and always enable "OS9 compatible", so you have good drivers for both systems.

Just a FYI - it isn't necessary to make seperate partitions for 9 and X. They will both live happily on the same partition and you can boot from either one. I have 3 macs set up like this and no problems (I've been running OS X since the beta).

Ive never experienced this.
But my mac / music dealer told me to do this. They said theyve got a bunch of customers working professionally with Mac / music who had problems with both systems on the same volume. Running OS9 from a separate volume solved these problems. Youre right, generally it works, but it can lead to problems.

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