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Full Version: Os9 Install On New Macs
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If you've bought a new Mac recently, have you tried installing OS9?

I'd like to know if Apple have really incapacitated their new models, so we can't install OS9.

If its true, I imagine the price of second hand Macs is likely to rise. Perhaps even the new Macs will suddenly appear on the second-hand market - cheap!

We can't buy a new computer AND pay for OSX updates for all our software - if the ĎSX versions exist!!!
Be pretty sure they can't there must me something missing in the OpenFirmWare on startUp or the little code they use instead if it's over now.

And yes it SůS tongue.gif angry.gif

Now that there is no workaroundůmaybe a smart nerd will find the trick if it's possibleů rolleyes.gif
Let's hope!
My new flatpanel G4-800 iMac ordered 2003-01-10,delivered around 2003-03-19.
Can NOT boot into Mac OS 9, it was only delivered with Mac OS 10.2 on the install-dvd.

In the older G3/G4 macs that could boot both os:es, the Open Firmware script called a tbxi-resource in the systemfile in side the Active system folder of OS 9.
mac-boot hd:nr,\:tbxi
Where nr == number of the hfs-partition on which your system were installed.

There is however special version Mac 9.8.7, or similar, delivered to OEM-service technicians,
that can boot new Mac into OS 9. Check out Macfixit or Macintouch for info.

Cheers: Dixiechicken
I was lucky enough to buy a TiBook G4 1 GHZ in November and still can boot in OS9... it would be a disaster for me to have only Classic emulation at this time...
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