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Full Version: Newby - Plugins Wont Run On G5 Ahhh
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I recently bought a G5 MAC and discovered I can't install my AU plugins or Kontakt on it because it's got a PPC chip and not Intel chip.

I am trying to get hold of a copy of UB plugins but they don't seem widely available.

Does anyone know how I can get hold of some or even have a copy they can give me. I am presuming as they are probably obsolete people wouldn't mind giving them away.

WAVES, Oxford or SSL would be cool if they were written in UB format.

Otherwise it's back to my PC and Sonar and we can't be doing that now :-(

Thanks one and all.
Uh...yeah....that G5 is just a little long in the tooth, as my grandpappy would say. When I think about it though, it's not really THAT old. It's just that the world moves SO dang's almost a museum piece by today's standards. You can find SOME UB plugs still, at don't crack,com, and at . There are some smaller programming houses that may help but, I don't know how much it would help as far as Waves plugs and whatnot. The problem is when you buy plugs you buy the license to use the software, which in the case of Waves, or ProTools may be tricky to authorize (though NOT necessarily impossible...just inconvenient). What happens is guys who use these plugs will generally upgrade every couple of years, and even though they have the old copies with authorize keys, those keys aren't necessarily transferrable. Maybe someone out there will have an old Waves bundle WITH the key dongle. That would be nice. Two places you may want to check (and they both have "gear for sale" sections available on their forums) are:

Both forums are frequented by high end working professional engineers....I'm not should see some of the names that pop up sometimes.

You don't like Sonar? I use Ableton Live, which is moving between a PC and a Mac is not too much of an issue. I've always heard good things about Sonar, though. What are you planning on using with the G5? Logic? If you can find a UB version of Logic or DP, you could almost get away without needing any other plugs.
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