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Full Version: Help! Installing Native Instument In Logic 8
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Not for the first time -I am baffled by how to install a NI plug in on my imac (Intel 2.00 dual Ghz) -using Logic 8.

I bought the Scarbee MM bass on Sunday as a download. I also had to download the Kontakt Player (I have Konktakt 2 which -as it keep reminding me -will not do the job of playing the Scarbee)

The Kontakt player works ok (it comes with some free -literally -samples)

As for the Scarbee -it's a complete mystery.

It was initially installed as in the "Downloads" section.

Any ideas as to what to do guys?? If you have installed another NI product of late -even if not the Scarbee -any suggestions as to where I should put things would be great -as there is nothing in the documentation that helps. I have contacted technical support -and am waiting for an email that I pray I will comprehend(!)

So -as I say -any help will be a Godsend.

Many thanks

I have the scarbee bass too. it's amazing.
if you've installed it, you now need to authorize it using the NI "service center".
launch the service center, and it will see the scarbee bass program, and recognize that it needs to be authorized. proceed with the prompts.

NI Service Center may go through some hoops of it's own as it cxs for updates for itself and restarts, but hang in there and it will work.

it used to be only the NI stuff needed to be handled by the Service Center, but recently i've had to authorize sample sets from a couple of third party providers this way.
good luck.
Good advice Houston.
Tell me ...which of the NI Scarbee Basses do you have ?
I asked NI to test Pre Bass , and it is only responsive to Pitch Bend Midi Data up to a tone.
In Kontakt Player , you can manually set the Pitch Bend Wheel to respond to Pitch Bend Midi Data up to 12 semitones , if you have Midi Pitch Bend Data , but Scarbee won't bend past a tone. ( according to NI and Thomas Scarbee )
I am interested to know whether any of the NI Scarbee Basses can Pitch Bend up to 12 semitones , ( as all of the other VST Bass Instruments on the market can )
Good buddy Phil waiting for NI ....follow Houston's advice !!! ( he is spot on )
NI will probably tell you to read the documentation and install instructions. ( Get used to it )
I am asking the question on the forum because getting information out of NI and Scarbee is very difficult ( to say the least )

Mac Daddy
Yo Deac!!!
You ALWAYS have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground... You're still "Da Man"....
hey tweed,
i've got the Pre Bass. i use it to secretly replace bass tracks bands i produce have laid down. sometimes, ya know they're not really happening, and the drum track is smokin'.

i haven't been troubled by the pitch bend limitation, but then, i'm not a big bass bender. i'm just going for a credible sound.
Thanks guys!

In the end -I solved the problem by using the feature in the Kontakt 3 player "Search using Spotlight" -which found the correct files and assigned the correct destination. I think the "finding" features in Kontakt are way smarter than "Finder" on the mac.

Having been through N.I installment hell before -I should have been prepared -but on a positive note - the MM bass sounds nice -and even before learning the "articulation" options -you get a great result just by playing. Much more layers and features than -say "Trilogy" - but it literally is just one instrument so worth listening to the samples on the NI site before deciding which of their basses -if any -to go for.

Once again -thx a million for your help and support!

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