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Full Version: New Macbook And Macbook Pro
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As long as I have no issue with the FW 800 port only on the MBP (it's 400 retrocompatible so…) but the lack of Firewire port on the macbook just kills the interest for most audio/video users (save entry level).

To loose a port 400 which was not engineered well enough to prevent wrong direction connection won't make me loose my sleep, on the contrary, the 800 connector is way better in this regard. I've never understood why Apple clinged to the old port format when 400 and 800 are retrocompatible and we could have had a 400 flux behind a 800 connector just for the sake of not exploding the firewire chip with a wrong connection direction.

We'll have to switch to USB (bleeeeeeeergh) interfaces.

We'll have to find a way to at least suck the DV out of the camera, even if it's the images of little tommy walking for the first time (Steve is a family man isn't it?), it's firewire these…

We loose a fine platform for (broke) musicians and videomaker, even if most manufacturer will bring USB versions of their firewire interface, USB JUST SUCK!

Let me get this one more time:

(now you can rant as much as you want on the glossy screen, but I'm sure it doesn't annoy the guys at the marketing that users don't see a thing on glossy screens when outside and it's even a little sunny.)

Now, for some fun. When putting on air the new page for the macbook on the french Applestore webpage, it happened a nice tag error. It made the title beautifully engineered and so on that was translated in French as "Perfectly designed" change to "perfect cunt" (sorry)

we're still laughing laugh.gif laugh.gif rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif (not even talking about the "unibody" word that makes no sense at all…) ^^
One point I overlooked, and is confirmed: no more target mode for the macbook.

(censored reaction, I've swore more than enough today)
QUOTE (lepetitmartien @ Wed 15 Oct 2008, 03:22) *
Let me get this one more time:

With no significant price cut, the new design is just form over function!
I suggest we send Apple feedback:

I think you overlooked the new white $999.00 macbook that retains firewire.

It's not that new it's "old" technology. wink.gif

And it's certainly not the future. unsure.gif
Lepetitmartien, I am so with you. This sucks.

I do both music and visual art/architecture/graphic design... wtf? We used to be the core market, the loyal purchasers of Apple goods, the betatesters, the touters of Apple superiority and ease of use to anyone who would ask us about our weird computers. Now Apple is ignoring our needs, all glossy screens, no firewire (only one port on the Pro), come on!

If only OSX could run on other hardware...sigh of relief.
It does run, but not officially, and illegally But I sure can understand those who do so.

Fun part, if this FW for entry level goes away trend is followed up, you can count the number of hackintosh laptop to rise. There's plenty of them around and a compatibility list to suit anyone, I've just checked. I wouldn't use this in a pro/production studio, but for the majority of the broke low maintenance musician, it'll be an option. Especially if Apple push people to look around for what Apple does not provide.

USB is not FireWire, Apple should know better.
iPapy just answered on the issue thanks to our friends at Macnn
Yeah, I have looked up on the hackintosh options too. I haven't tried making one though, and it seems a bit linux-esque with all the tinkering with drivers here and there. Not really the "mac experience" (whatever that means these days), plus apple probably will pull the plug on it in some update, so I wonder if it is worth it. But you are probably right, hackintoshes will be more frequent amongst the starving artists with these moves.
Just for your information, found this on the interwebs: if you feel like making your voice heard on this issue.
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