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Full Version: Real Time Spectrum Analyzer?
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Hello everyone,
I f anyone has a suggestion in this matter it would be greatly appreciated: I'm running Reason 3.0 on a Mac, with a PreSonus Firebox as my audio interface. I have Cubase SE for some post editing, but usually don't use it nowadays unless I am recording vocals or instruments. My question is this: is there a real time audio spectrum analyzer for the Mac? I'm looking for software that I can use with my current setup so that I can visually analyze what is playing on Reason (in realtime, not as an exported audio file), and tweak the audio within Reason before exporting the file for later editing. All the software and VST demos I have downloaded and tried out don't register the audio coming directly from Reason, regardless of how I set up the I/O in the preferences.
Again, any suggestions in this matter are greatly appreciated.
Thank you
I am gonna have to say, "probably not". Reason is a closed platform. Unless one of their programmers get the idea to make it so then......Your best bet would be to rewire all of your individual tracks from Reason into Cubase and then run a spectrum analyzer as a VST on either individual tracks or on your master track. You may have already tried this.....if it doesn't work then I am at a total loss as to what to tell you. It really should work that way though....I am constantly applying realtime VST or AU effects to Reason tracks via rewire into Ableton Live.
Thanks man...I haven't tried it yet (Rewiring it into Cubase) a follow up question: do you have a suggestion for a freeware or shareware vst that would work well for this? Thanks for all your help.
Yeah.....go to

just start browsing for spectral analyzers and you find a couple of them.... is another place to look.
Mac Daddy
mortalengines, is a great site. Although I have never actually needed anything from they have great goodies and legit...
Thanks guys for all the help.
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