Hi there!

I have a big problem with Firewire 410! The MOST important thing about it-->audio recordind/mic preamps is falling down! WHY????
I expected that this device to record very clear audio tracks, so I to be able to gain them software WITHOUT the big noise gathered with it....

So, I've got a Studio Projects B1 microphone that works perfectely with Fast Track Pro preamps(even when GAIN KNOBS are max pozition), BUT with Firewire 410 it's almost exactely vice versa:
--When I recording it or even I talk to the mic with gain, THIS GAIN has a tikle sound signal gathered with my speaking/recording....this behave like would be the device signal to noise "quality";
--I made all tests I could (Cubase SX2 audio, Sony Sound Forge, Cakewalk, even real time talking), but all the same---looks like "its higher quality signal sound"!!! I tested with another mic and same issue;
-- my question is>>>is this a real issue of it(and what is it - remember that my device is installed and works perfectely); >>>OR this is ALL THIS BOX CAN DO--I mean FW410 has a cheap audio recordind signal and sound..........
SO, PLEASE elucidate for me THIS problem/mistery....couse I'm tired of it, it brought me down...IT really worth the effort, or I should get out of it (even it's OK and seem to work perfectely on the other hand)
thanks anticipated,Boan