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Full Version: Mac Pro Issues...
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Hey, i have only just gotten a mac pro, and it is playing up.
The mouse pointer seems to drift to places and twitch in ways its not supposed to. I have tried another mouse and still the same thing.

Also, a few times when i start up the computer, it seems to hand during loading of osx. I have reset the ram, and talked to apple yesterday they said this should have fixed the problems...i will wait and see....

is it worth sending it back?
Unplug anything which is not keyboard/mouse attached to the computer.

- Have you installed anything with system preference? (start up hiccups means system fishiness either hardware or software). Does it happen in safe mode?

- Install OnyX and in the "automation" tab, select everything in the first and second "rows" (select complete optimize). Run and restart.

- I'd try to see if the same things occur from a new account. Then, with a new OS X installed on another drive (see next).

- Have you installed extra RAM? if yes, remove it and try. anyway, you should run the Apple Hardware Test from you Install DVD (procedure on the DVD), it'll diagnose the hardware, he may see if something is at faults including RAM.

- to further investigate RAM : try Rember (with a GUI, free but can't test all the RAM) and eventually Memtest (no more free, but very very cheap, can test 97%+ of the RAM, but NO GUI, you work in command line!). I'd try Rember first as it's free and easy, if it find something, something's fishy with the RAM. For Memtest, read the documentation, it's easier to use that it may seem, but intimidating for the average Joe (I used it, you can, just read carefully, if you get drown, I'll get back to you).

- I'd try to re-apply the 10.4.8 "combo" update (available from Apple on their website). (you can try this before installing a new OS for testing on another drive as stated)

If it's still behaving strangely, and it's not a RAM failure. Back to Apple! But beforehand, get back to us with all you can do of all this.
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