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Full Version: 2003 End Of Os9?
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Well folks, it appears that future Macs after 2003 will only boot in OSX. They state that OS9 apps will still run in "classic mode" but as many of us know... sometimes "classic mode" just doesn't cut it and some apps don't work well in classic mode.

With this in mind... I hope that software companies will get off their butts and port more apps to OSX especially Digidesign because that may affect the sales of new Macs in 2003 since no one will want to buy a machine that will not run their favorite music apps. Then again... that may increase the value of the pre-2003 model Macs when users want to resale wink.gif

I know I am glad to see that Logic is making the transition to OSX but its also sad to see that it still lacks some previous features such as REX file support and I am guessing that all previous VST plugs will be useless until new compatible plugs are created. I wonder what this means for GOLD users too. I have been waiting for GOLD to hit version 5 on OS9 and never see any info on that release... so are they just concerned more with the PLATINUM users?

With all these things still being in development... it makes me wonder if Apple jumped the gun a bit with their OSX only bet for 2003? I guess only time will tell.
I have been to the maxpo and talked exactly about this item to the emagic guys. they said to me the MACOS X version of audio gold will come in two weeks and then the version for the audio 5-users two weeks later.. that's what they said to me
Finale, also a hardcore OS9 app, has promised that the next version, 2003, will be for OSX. It appears that previous versions of OSX were virtually unusable with MIDI, but that the problem has been rectified with Jaguar. The rest of the developers should, by now, have come on board and will be releasing music apps that run on OSX 10.2 and later. I only wish that we Finale users didn't have to wait until next Summer. Why not have a mid-release that is Cocoa-ized. Speaking of which, I do hope that the new apps are DP aware. Nothing like running a native OSX app on a dual processor machine!
masi, that's odd... they currently only advertise that version 5.2 and 5.3 of Logic Platinum being released for OSX and never seen mention of Logic Gold which has still yet to make version 5 on OS9. I hope Gold does go to OSX soon because I have been tempted to upgrade to Platinum just to get OSX compatibility and would like to get the REX support in OS9 (also not available yet in OSX version yet) huh.gif
i guess I stand partly corrected... after visiting I see that Gold is up to 5.3 now. Hmm, I must have got left out of a loop somewhere because I was supposed to get notice from my rep when Logic Gold 5 was released as I am still at 4.8.1. Guess I'll be doing some calling today to get that upgrade. And if they are on 5.3 of Gold then maybe OSX version of Gold is coming really soon whoohoo biggrin.gif
Sibelius music notation is already out under OS X for those of us running that . . .

As for DP-aware, apps can be optimized to take full advantage of DP (which most developers are unlikely to do, sorry!), but at least there is some basic DP awareness built into the OS, so all apps should run at least marginally faster on DP machines.
Most audio sequencers are being ported to OS X, and I have heard of working 'expo' versions Digital Performer and Cubase SX... Digidesign is expecting to have ProTools ported by 2003, but I have no news about this...

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