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Full Version: Audio And Video Streaming Problem In Safari
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Mr. Jason E. Lectric
i've come accross a recent problem when browsing the web... when i'm on a site and i click on an mp3 link, instead of getting the screen with the quicktime symbol and being able to hear the audio, i get a black screen with the message "(no picture)". same thing happens if i click a video link. does anyone know how to remedy this? it happened after i got my hard drive replaced and re-installed my OS. i have an iBook G4 with 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3.2 (v312.6) and Quicktime Player Version 7.1.3
Jim Hoyland
Firstly, try going to the "Safari" drop-down menu and clicking "Reset Safari". This will clear your keychain and caches so make sure you know all your passwords first.

If this doesn't help, try Control + Clicking on the audio / video links and selecting Download link target.

Finally tho, you'll probably get on much better with a different browser. I use Firefox and Camino and find that Camino in particular is smooth and hassle free, especially with web advertising blocking switched on.
Mr. Jason E. Lectric
thanks, jim. but i already do what you've suggested. i reset safari every couple of days just to keep my cache from being too cluttered, and i know about downloading, but that's rather annoying just to listen to a 30 second clip of a synth i'm checking out or whatever. i've installed firefox now and the same thing happens. i was thinking it was something with quicktime or my codecs or whatever, but i've been trying to find out any settings for this in my system preferences with no luck. possibly i'm looking over something. as i stated before i've had this iBook for 2 years and never had this issue until i had my hard drive replaced and re-installed my OS and everything else. so if anyone else has some suggestions, bring it!
You may have a problem of permissions or of databases… Use Onyx and run the scripts, repair permissions, optimize system (update prebiding), clear caches and rebuild the databases (all this is on the automation page) (no need to initialize spotlight).

Use the Apple drive Utility beforehand to be sure the drive is ok.

If the problem is still there, I'd look into re-apply the combo update of the OS version you are on. The combo, not an incremental update!

The link to quicktime must be lost in some way and it shouldn't. You can make the different operations in Onyx by little groups, and test in between, if it's solved, you don't have to follow up the whole bunch… wink.gif
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