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Full Version: Vst On Mac Vs Windows
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Mr. Jason E. Lectric
i was wondering why vst's that are created for windows cannot run on a mac. does this have anything to do with the processors? i've noticed that in linux systems people can use WINE to use windows vst's in a linux environment. for the most part i'm happy with the instruments available for mac. but being kinda poor, i'm very attracted to free plugins (which seem to be more available for windows) such as KarmaFX. i guess my other question would be is there a user-friendly, high-quality, free modular synth comparable to the KarmaFX created for mac?
It's a CPU/OS based problem.

The software you use must be binary compatible with both (instruction sets that are CPU specifics, OS instructions and libraries). So in the end, the code you must use is related to both. When you use WINE on LINUX you have a compatibility environnement to translate on the fly the windows only code so it can run in WINE/Linux.

Maybe a WINE equivalent solution will come up for macintels but it'll never occur for PPC macs.

As the marketshare of mac is growing again, let's hope it'll make sense again for developers of freeware/shareware windows only to visit us wink.gif cool.gif Some have always do so, I'm optimistic now. Now, for them, remember it's an investment of time they can't always afford, just as there's developers only working on the MacOS platform.
Mr. Jason E. Lectric
thanks for explaning that, lepetitmartien.
for the intel macs there is a solution (not sure if it'd work with vst's, buuttttt) crossover!!! biggrin.gif
Mr. Jason E. Lectric
haha, yeah. that would be nice if i could afford a new intel mac. but thanks a lot for the heads up rolleyes.gif
There are plenty of good freeware plugs & synths for the's a good place to start, though you may have already seen this site:

very, very cool site & many of the guys at smartelectronix also make plugs for Cycling 74 (pluggo & Max/MSP).
QUOTE (Mr. Jason E. Lectric @ Fri 6 Oct 2006, 11:47) *
haha, yeah. that would be nice if i could afford a new intel mac. but thanks a lot for the heads up rolleyes.gif

Im in the same boat mate, I have a similar problem so no intel mac for me, for another year at least (not as much cost, just, i dont NEEEEEED it badly yet)

good luck on the quest for more vsts too smile.gif
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