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Full Version: How Does Os X Handle Midi Applications?
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I've just purchased a dual 1.5GB G4 tower. With this powerful computer, I still seem to have to do all my midi work in OS 9.2 using the old thecnology of the OMS set up. Is there any hope for OS X to be able to work midi programs? I understand that Digital Performer (available in September) will be able to work in OS X - what drivers will it use to work with midi files?

OSX won't require any OMS-like drivers for midi, it's all handled at the OS level.

Jaguar the new OS update scheduled to be released next week contains the final missing pieces for audio and midi.

Steinberg, MOTU, and Apple/eMagic, hope to have product out by the fourth quarter.

That is probably the best news I've had concerning my audio/midi work! I rather dislike OMS and all its hoops, not to mention it's just old technology.

Will there be any midi "set ups" to manipulate in OS X? ... or any audio/midi concerns I would need to learn before getting gear and software running?

I use Finale for notation - word is that they will "get with the program" in next year's update, so, until then, I'll have to use OMS and OS 9.2 for that. (ugh)

Thank you for your prompt reply to my question. I have reserved my copy of Jaguar - I've read it's well worth the wait. :-)
It all sounds like magic that jaguar will do all the work for me! I've just come back to music on my (now OSX) G4 with the new Sibelius v2. Marvellous bit of software but of course the Opcode MIDIport and the Korg 05R/W gave trouble.
Can someone explain just what jaguar will (and won't) do for me. Do I still need to throw away the MIDIport if I want to stay in OSX?
With the new midi handling capabilities of OS 10.2, will it detect my Opcode Studio 4 thats attached to the Griffin G4port serial connection on my Quicksiver??? huh.gif
No serial MIDI interface from any manufacturer will work with OSX (even using a Griffin Gport).
You will need to buy a USB model.

I have a Studio4 midi(serial) and emagic audiowerk2 pci card. They both work pretty well in OS9. I just got 10.2 installed. Very excited about the speed,stability and core audio capabilties of the new build. I was hoping that the audiowerk2 card would show-up as a sound option in 10.2.........nope!! Are there any drivers to get it to work in 10.2 out there?? Or is our only sound options USB based?? I was also wondering if 2 different USB midi interfaces are hooked-up, would both would be recognized? The reason I ask is Midiman has a 4 channel USB audio/1 midi in-out device. They also have a 4 in-out midi device. I need 5 in's and out's for my midi rack. The combo seems like a pretty good fit for my needs if it will work.
Thanks in advance for any imput.
Since the Audiowerk2 has been out of production for a while I wouldnt hold my breath for osx drivers, but you might get lucky..

As for USB Audio Interfaces, be very careful and read lots of reviews, especially in newsgroups. There are plenty of issues and problems with USB audio interfaces, but it might be the thing for you anyways. If your budget allows though, you should look into the Hammerfall or MOTU lineups, both have alphs or beta OSX drivers and are very good manufacturers.
Be especialy warry of the "iMic" thing. it looks like a good cheap deal, but it appearts to but just the cheap part. Everyone reports pops & clicks during recording.

If you pick USB, take a 'compliant' audio interface; they don't need drivers at all (well, not any third party ones anyway) so they start working as soon as you plug them in.

For my part, I'm delighted with the EZbus, but of course it does a lot more than just being an usb ADC. The device does 2 channels both ways, in 16 or 24 bits on the USB port (that and MIDI)
Levon River
On the serial MIDI device question: does *anybody* have *any* information on the file in OS X 10.2 called "AppleMIDISerialDriver"?

It's in this path:


Does this mean that Apple is supporting serial MIDI devices if the manufacturers provide a driver, or is it a driver for determining the positions of asteroids in the Horsehead nebula, or perhaps something else entirely?

Just wondering.
I was surfing around on the web last night and discovered a driver for OSX by Griffin software for there gport serial adapter....Of course, my Opcode Studio 4 still needs OMS to operate but it looks like developers are starting to look for serial solutions for OSX
are you sure your studio 4 needs oms?
i used a studio 4 for many years with logic, i can assure you oms was definitely not necassary. wink.gif
i also use an imate. griffin are extremely reliable, they always release new drivers incredibly quickly, you don't need to worry about them.
as for x, it uses core midi to deal with midi of course. it's going to be a question of the manufacturer of your interface(opcode) providing support(forget it), or core midi providing support(way likely, the guy responsible for core midi just happens to be the same person that wrote oms!), oms always featured built in support for known devices! wink.gif
obviously, it's not necassary to be worrying TOO much about this at the moment, none of the bl**#y sequencers even work in classic yet!
so, i just purchased 10.2,
very smooth,
am impressed,
yes, a configurable midi system preference.
not even motu are actually shipping a x.2 app yet...
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
oh yeah, sorry, but the audiowerk was always a piece of c^*p. wink.gif
The reason I think the Studio4 needs OMS is that the only way I could get it to work with Logic was to use a Logic/OMS studio set-up. Using the Logic midi engine alone, I couldn't get any midi signals to my rack. The only other sequencer program I used the Studio4 with was Vision, and it required OMS as well. How did you have your Studio4 set-up in Logic?
Oh yeah, the audiowerk2 isn't the best card out there by any means. It was the best I could afford at the time, and I knew would work well with Logic. It was way better than using the built-in audio on my old 7600 power mac.
to use a studio 4 in logic without oms, remove all oms system components, uncheck it in logic, go to the environments' midi layer, create multi instruments for all your midi modules and keyboards.
when you create a new multi instrument you'll notice that the midi channel boxes 1 to 16 are crossed, uncross them to turn the midi channels on. wink.gif
you can name each instrument and in the part box at the bottom left of logic you can define the port number for the instrument, eg, modem 1 or printer 2, or usb 16! rolleyes.gif
midi performance without oms is MUCH better. if you need any more help just let me know... cool.gif
Thanks Damann!!
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