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Full Version: Dont Have Authority/permissions Ondisk After Installing Backup
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Chris C.L

I rescently had to rearange my partitions due to a misscalculation in how much size my system drive needed to be.
All data was stored on an external drive and then brought back in after partitioning. On my non system drives the data is messed with. Some files are locked as in its only accesable to someone elses login. Other files if i try to sae into them it sais I dont have the permissions and have to type in my password to authenticate. Lastly tobay i tried to run a library program to transfer ome midi data into a hardware synth and i get
There is a problem accessing the SysEx files folder "/Volumes/Library/librarian files".
The folder's privileges do not allow writing.

I would be very greatfull if someone knows what the problem here is, its doing my head in.
Francois Déchery
this means that you dont have the right unix permissions / ownership on some of your files.

If you're not afraid by the (/Applications/Utilities)

you could try:
chown -R your_short_name /path/to/my/broken/directory/
(this will change ownership on your directory , plus all file insides)

chmod -R 755 /path/to/my/broken/directory/
(this will allow the user to have full authorisation, whiles others can only read and execute)

if terminal say that you are not allowwed to blablabla..., prefix the two commands by "sudo"
ie : sudo chown -R your_short_name /path/to/my/broken/directory/

Terminal will then ask you for your admin pass, and if correct, execute the command.
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