ok so i'm running reason as a re-wire slave and i am also using an m-audio triggerfinger drum pad midi controller. i really enjoy using these two programs together, however i am having some trouble using triggerfinger with reason. while using redrum i can only get some pads to play the drums. the other pads either hit the mute button or just don't play anything at all. apparently triggerfinger has reason maps, but i could only find one preset that works with redrum so far, and it didn't come with a manual so i'm completely lost on how to assign pads (in either reason or live). if, say i was using a keyboard controller instead, (which i do use), i have no problem using the whole kit. all i really want to do though is have all 16 pads play each redrum drum sound; meaning a full kit. i'm using reason 3.0 and live 5.2 by the way. i'm also kind of new to this stuff, so bare with me if some of this stuff sounds very obvious. thanks.