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Full Version: Chud Tools
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Lister Coleman
Are CHUD Tools only for G5? Can they be used to reduce audio noise at the analog outs of a G4 MDD 1.25 GHz DP? Is disable nap mode something that can be done to a G4 using this CHUD program and if so does anyone know the proceedure and what version of CHUD? Thanks, Lister Coleman
No, CHUD are developer tools available at least forů a long time wink.gif It's been a common tools for a lot of G4 and powerbook to reduce noise (which is not its job as it's a tool for enabling/disabling some processor features). In it disable the NAP, don't do anything else and restart (some have instability just after the change).

Install the developer tools and try, if the noise is caused by some processor behavior, it may cure it, if not, then the source is elsewhere. unsure.gif
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