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Full Version: Os9 Midi Drivers For Motu 828mk11
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Help! Novice mac user trying to navigate around jungle of information and getting horribly lost! I recently bought a motu 828mk11 on the advice of staff at Turnkey to go with my new-ish g4 ( last of the dual boots) as I will have to be running logic and plug ins on os9 until the happy day when I can afford to replace everything with osX progs.

I was told that the Motu was compatible both with os9 and x, but find on scanning the manual that AudioDesk only supports osX drivers for midi. I therefore need to download drivers for os9 BUT I cannot get my connection to btinternet up and running in os9 as it does on osX ( though it shows up on the dock ). Is there a way of downloading the drivers for os9 via my internet connection on osX and then transferring them onto the os9 desktop? Or can someone suggest a way of overcoming the internet problem on os9??
What happens in OS 9? Are you disconnected after a while?

What kind of internet connection are you on? Cable or DSL, USB, Ethernetů etc.

Now you can download in OS X without problem for OS 9 wink.gif it's the same file system. The only thing not to do between OS 9 and X is using a firewire hard drive in both systems, it's a good way to loose data on it.

(I move the thread in a more proper area wink.gif no problemo wink.gif
The MIDI ports on 828 mk II will not work while using OS 9, it'll work on OS X only. huh.gif
Strange because the MOTU website states:
Firewire Audio Drivers/Consoles OS9

This install contains MAS and Firewire Drivers/Consoles for the 828, 896,
828mk2 and 896HD for OS9.

Unstuff with Expander version 7.03 or higher. Double-click installer and choose the installer option for your MOTU Firewire audio hardware.

So the 828-Mk-II should work just fine i OS-9.

However AudioDesk has NO MIDI capabilities.
You can ONLY record audio into AudioDesk.

Cheers: Dixiechicken
If you have a dual boot system you can download OS-9 drivers in OS-X.
Reboot into OS-9 and install them in OS-9.

Just keep track of where you put your downloads.

Cheers: Dixiechicken
The audio part of 828 mk II works fine on OS 9.
However you can't use the two MIDI ports on it.
It only works on OS X because the firewire cable handles both MIDI and audio to your computer.

On OS 9 you still need another MIDI interface and may need OMS or FreeMIDI (I've never used Logic.)
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