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Full Version: Dp4 - Desktop Effects
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Hey all, I'm new here, and I have a quick question. I was over at my friend's studio, and he was using DP4 on his Mac. I caught a quick glimpse of him zooming all the windows out (so they were smaller and more spread out on the desktop), and then bringing a different one to the foreground (zooming it back to the front). What the heck was this? Is this a Mac effect or a DP effect? Or was I imagining it all? I don't think he was in another program, but I'd really like to know what he had going on. I'm primarily using a Windows machine as a DAW, but if I can get this sort of capability on my box, I'd be a lot happier. Minimizing to taskbars is boring. :^)

Anybody know what I'm talking about?

What you saw is ExposÚ, a window management feature on Mac OS10.3.x.

It is very cool and is an invaluable part of my workflow. I dunno if Windows has the capability or of any third party solutions.

Neat stuff, tho!
Expose, you say? Well, that's at least a name I can go off of for searching for more info.

Thanks, orchman!

UPDATE - After about 2 minutes, I already have 3 or 4 program names to check out. Thanks for the tip!
Well, I found a couple of Expose clones. One works alright, but Apple sure had a good idea with Expose. Just another reason to save up for a Mac.
Hey SilverZero

You may have been looking at DP 4.52s new Consolidated Window. Features that opened as separate windows, such as the Soundbites window and the Sequence Editor, actually any or all windows can now be arranged in one central window. Very handy for me as a DP user.

This is ExposÚ which is discussed here (hence why I moved the thread) but sure the Consolidated Window kicks ass biggrin.gif
Yeah, ExposÚ was what I was looking for. I must have seen it on DP4 before they integrated Consolidated Window, so my friend had several windows open. (He was assembling and arranging a full 5.1 surround + video piece, so that certainly must have had a few windows going.) Two days ago, I probably would have said that CW is the way to go (I mean, I'm a tabbed-window Firefox user), but now that I see animated window switching, it feels a little better to me. Maybe it just looks cooler. That's worth something, right?
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