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Full Version: Installer Woes
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Im running Os x 10.2.8 and i'm having trouble with the installer program. it doesnt work. It appears I have two installer programs an old one which works and a new one which doesnt but is set as the default. Some progs let me choose the older one but others dont. How can I fix the newer installer or set the older on as the default?
Dave Bourke
What are we -- mind-readers?


It would help people to help you solve your problem if you actually explained what the problem is.

Which installer program?
the installer that opens up package files , it's called "Installer" hence why I called it that. wink.gif
I got a .3 version and a .4 version. The .4 version doesnt work, it doesnt do anything. somtimes if I highlight the package file and go to the pull down menu's I can select the .3 version but not all packages let me select.
Dave Bourke
You're doing it again. Which pull-down menu?

Perhaps if you told us exactly what you wish to accomplish, you might have more people than me trying to help you. And being snide in a reply isn't really a great way to encourage people to try and help you.

OK, I'm going to take it that you're referring to the Apple Installer utility on your hard drive. First off, I have to say i have no idea why you're trying to install stuff this way. Secondly, a properly applied System Update should have overwritten the older version of the Installer.

That said, if you need to reinstall individual applications, files, or utilities from your original installer disks and you don't want to have to reinstall the whole OS, you should check out a shareware app called Pacifist:

Another one that looks interesting:

If this doesn't help, if you tell us what you want to do, someone may be able to suggest an alternative way of doing it. If it isn't what you want to do, then please explain...
There is really no compelling reason to stay with 10.2.8.

Get Panther (10.3 ) and reformat your harddrive and re-install
everything from schratch.
I know this is a timeconsuming hassle, but that way you'll get a fresh system.

Dont forget to backup your important stuff first.

Get the Panther combo-update before you install back any other apps.
Update the system to 10.3.7.

After this install back any other apps you use.
Dont forget to use the the "Disktool" to repair permissions before and after
any application install you do.

Dont let Panther save any old prefernces or configs for your computer.
Do a completely fresh install and reformat.

Cheers: Dixiechicken
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