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Full Version: Partition Size Requirements For Osx?
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I am hopefull going to get a refurb G4 ibook very soon
I am familiar with OS 9 but not 10 (currently I use a Mac Clone G3 enabled 450mhz/512mb running OS9)
I have been a Mac user since 1988 and also been live field recording since 1986.
I would like to set up an I book to run audio, probably Cubase and Peak since these are what I am familiar with.
I am hoping to get the new PreSonus Firebox when it is released after january here in the US and mostly run 2-track and also some 4-track recordings.
so my question is that I have heard to run OSX properly you need at least a 10GB harddrive, is this true?
if I got a 30GB HD and partitioned to say 15GB each one for OSX and software and one for data (recording to) is this enough space?
in the future I would get an external Firewire HD to dump stuff to as well.

what is the smallest size HD to run OSX properly?
can any one hel me out with this one?
-- Ian
Dave Bourke
Yes, the 30 GB should be fine. I've an iBook running 10.3.7 on a 12.5 GB partition and 9.2.2 on a 7.5 GB one. If I ever have to do recording with it, I take along my 40 GB LaCie Firewire Pocket Drive.

Kind regards.
Given the price of external hard drives, sell cakes, do something, leave your internal one alone.

OSX is ok in 10 GB, but I found out a 10 GB for the VM alone (tends to be bigger than the 3 GB usually announced wink.gif is good. But on a laptop it's not that important, Way more is the RAM, stuff the max you can into it. given the internal drives sluggishness usually on laptops, the FW external is recommended. More RAM = Less VM.
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