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Full Version: "bad Format" In Reason Redrum
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Can anyone help?

I have been using Reason 2.5 for ages and Sound Studio (the sound editing software you get with OSX)

I usually load up a bunch of sounds and samples (edited in Sound Studio) in to a Redrum module and generally havn't had any problems until recently.

After cutting up a piece of music and trying to load the seperate sounds and notes in to Redrum, I keep getting a "Bad Format" message. I have never had this before and have no idea how to fix it.

Has anyone had the same problem? If so, how do you get around it?
nate d
Damn, this happened to me once six months or so ago, but I can't remember how to fix it....I know I found a fix deep in the support section of Reason's website. Let me see if I can dig it up for you.
nate d
Ah yes, here it is. Mine was related to the Logic 6 installation:

(From Reason tech support site)

This error message can appear due to various reasons. Below is a list of scenarios triggering this error message.

Logic 6.x installation

Unfortunately some Logic 6.x installers replace the REX Shared Library File, in your Application Support folder, with a corrupt version of the file. As a result Reason won't recognize the Factory Sound Bank Refill nor any ReFills containing REX files, hence a "Bad Format" error message appears whenever Reason attempts to target the Factory SB ReFill. Inserting the Factory SB disk, upon request, doesn't solve the problem.

The Rex Shared Library file must be replaced with a "good" version.
Here's what you should do:

1. Download the REX Shared Library update for Mac OS X (using the link below).
2. Ensure that no applications are running.
3. Unstuff the downloaded installer file.
4. Launch the installer.

The older Rex Shared Library file will now be automatically replaced with the latest Rex Shared Library file.

Download the REX Shared Library update installer

File Transfers

When transferring .rns or .rps files via email or over the web, you should stuff the file using "StuffIt", or the file might get damaged, resulting in a "Bad Format" error message.

Computer crashes

If you experience a computer crash while working on a song in Reason, in a worse case scenario might lead to a damaged file and a Bad Format error messages is displayed as you attempt to open the song.

By performing the steps below you can check if the file is damaged:

1. Launch Reason.
2. Select Open... in the File menu.
3. Select the file you wish to open (without opening it).

If the "Open File" browser window displays a "Bad Format" symbol in the lower left corner of the window, the file is unfortunately damaged beyond repair.
Thanks Nate. Does that mean I could record the individual files on to Minidisk (or similar recording device) and then re-record them in to Sound Studio again as brand new files and try those?

I will try it, but I'm just a little scared that Sound Studio might be corrupt or something because sometimes when cutting and pasting it just freezes up too which is a real pain if you don't keep saving what you are working on.

Also, do you know of anyway of changing the format or file type of my Sound Studio files and if that will solve the Bad Format thing? (PS. I can't download any freeware etc as my Mac is a strictly no internet zone)

Thanks again for your help.
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