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Full Version: Jaguar, Panther Or Tiger?
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Hi, I am using a Powerbook G4 for music production with Jaguar 10.2.8.
Is there any reason I should upgrade to Panther or Tiger?
I have heard that Panther causes several problems for making music. Can someone tell me what is best?
Personally, I would say if you're happy with your current setup, leave it alone. Are you having any specific problems that are prompting you to upgrade? I can't imagine that Panther could make that much of a noticeable difference, but I could be wrong.
Definately switch to Panther. It's quicker than Jaguar to say the least. I also use a powerbook G4 and Run Logic, Peak, And Live on it. There are no issues to my knowledge that affect me. I'm using 10.3.5 and external FW 400 drives. Also in Panther the MIDI Server was reworked and there is more stability and reiiability with MIDI, and also expanded instruments contained within the audio midi setup. I say go for it, if you are into that kind of thing.

In this months issue of Electronic Musician there is a great article about optimizing the System for use in audio. I highly highly recomend you check this article out and follow it's instructions. It can make a significant difference.

all the best

Don't upgrade to panther...

Not because of any difficulties I know of, but because Tiger will be released soonish and you might as well get the very latest set of features if you're going to upgrade.

I've only used 10.2.8 briefly, but I must say I missed some of the features 10.3. has to offer...

So wait a bit, get 10.4. and be at the cutting edge of technology wink.gif
As it's still difficult to have an idea on Tiger as it's still in it's beta infancy (it's still some months away, 10.3.6 will be here before tongue.gif it's in beta too) some users are happy in 10.2.8. But the Panther family is better, faster. a check on 10.3.4 would be an option. 10.3.5 is still under scrutiny.

Now what are the problems you are talking about? Right now no OS X version is innocent! laugh.gif



I am running the Beta version of 10.4 and I would say upgrade when it comes out, The machine will run faster and you'll be happier
Garritan Personal Orchestra is the only music software I know of that runs better in Jaguar than Panther.
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