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Full Version: Can't Get Reason To Respond To Midi Controller
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I still cannot get Propellerheads Reason to respond to my Radium 61 key midi keyboard. I have tried everything. I can play the instruments fine, but when I try mapping a knob on my keyboard to the volume on the malstrom for example it won't work. I know Reason is getting a signal. When I select learn from midi the bar is lighting up (indicating it nows midi is coming through). But it just will not control it. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?

don says mac
i have this problem too... it's quite frustrating... I'll let you know if I can find a solution.
don says mac
hey brian... not 10 minutes after I posted my reply I figured it out...

Options>Enable MIDI Remote Mapping

Now you can right/click the nob or slider and Edit MIDI Remote Mapping.

don't worry, i feel pretty silly too for not figuring this out sooner.

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