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Full Version: System Name/set Up Question
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so i bought a new ibook. it arrived yesterday and i've never used a mac.
when going through the set up process i didn't realize that what i listed as my 'short name' would show up as my main account/admin and now i can't seem to find out how to change it. i go into the address book and it shows my name and all info that i can change but the 'short name' field is greyed out...then i searched around in the setup files but couldn't seem to find it. does anyone know if i can do this??? or do i just have to live with the stupid name i put in? smile.gif

and oh yeah i don't know how to use this OS yet but it looks like it's gonna be a fun learning process smile.gif
you can make some changes in the "account" pannel in system preferences. But you can"t change everything.

I'm sure there a UNIX way to, but it's not for beginners i'm sure. And if I'm right the easiest way is via the app NetInfo. Don't use it if you don't know what to do.

Now, as you have just received the mac and not use it a lot, you can reinstall the system after a format of the drive and restart the process. You won't make the error twice wink.gif

As you are new to mac, and I'm sure to UNIX (I am new to unix myself, no shame for that) the best is the long way thru reformat/reinstall.

If yšou can find someone who can manage NetInfo manager, maybeů
Dasa Soul
aloha use the restore disck ,it will let u star up fresh rolleyes.gif
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