Hi !

1 - I'm building a VST plugin and i want to check whenever there is a cycle jump in the song or when the user change sudently the song position bar : when there is a discontinuity in the sound.

i 've coded that but it don't works:

while (--sampleframes)
VstTimeInfo_ptr = getTimeInfo ( kVstPpqPosValid );

if (VstTimeInfo_ptr)
sample_position = VstTimeinfo_ptr ->samplePos;

//here i check if (old_sample_position == samplepostion - 1) to
// reset things that need to be reseted

old_sample_position = sample_position ;

but it doesn't works...someone knows something about it?

2 - Second question...is there an easy way to debug plugins? from here i used a display_parameter to check value but it's not a best way definitely.

any idea?

thank you guy, you're overgreat