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Full Version: Reason And My Handsonic
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Hello everyone. I have a problem with linking Reason to my Roland Handsonic. I was hoping that someone out there might have an answer. I would like for the Handsonic to control drum sounds in the redrum of reason, but so far I have been unable to get it to do this. I don't know what the problem is. Also, is there an easier way to get the handsonic to control drum sounds? I would like to be able to assign a drum sound to each pad. Is there other software that I should get? Thanks in advance for any advice.
Have had a handsonic for last couple o years - no way to trigger externals except MIDI notes. HPD also sends a fair mount of control info, BTW. Assuming you can map midi notes to distinct sounds in Reason, it should be pretty easy to get going...
thanks for the reply. i'm still a bit on the lost side though. I'm not sure how to midi map notes in the redrum. it won't allow me to put the arrow on the play button on the redrum...any other thoughts.
Assume that you set up Handsonic to send MIDI to Reason correctly.
ie. Edit > Preference > MIDI > Handsonic > (correct channel that Handsonic sends out)
And the pict. of MIDI in front of Redrum name in sequencer.

Load samples to any or all 10 pads, and then play notes C1-A1 to Redrum (default).

Make sure the notes that are sent out by Handsonic are C1-A1.

I hope this help.
awesome! thanks for replying. i'm going to give this a shot and I'll get back to you.
this worked beautifully. thank you very much for the advice. just a heads up to anyone else who looks at this and has the same problem, redrum responded to midi notes C2 through A2. thank you again for the help!!
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