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Full Version: Mac Osx Desktop Deleting Wavs
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I wonder if you can help. G4 450 512 MB OSX 10.2 Cubase SE

I loaded up loads of wavs and copied them on to the desktop . Then I dragged and dropped them on to the Keyboard User interface of Halion. and saved loads of different samples as a Bank of instruments

Now I cant send these desktop files to the trash it wont delete them , says i do not have user access.

So now I have deleted these banks but it still will not let me get rid of the individual WAVS, even to put them in a folder of any sorts. Ive got hundreds of them on the desk top!!!

Any ideas,? angry.gif
Francois Déchery
It sounds like a permission problem.
You should be able to create a folder (ie "folder_to_delete")"on the desktop, then move all your wav file in this folder .
Then go in the terminal (Applications/utilities)
and type:
sudo rm -rf Desktop/folder_to_delete

type your admin password, and it's done. wink.gif

beware to name the folder without including any space (the easyest way is to name it exactly as in my example, an use the command i wrote asis)

if the solution didn't work there is another very simple one => turn on "Terminal" in your utility folder (findable in applications) then type rm push the space bar drag your file from desktop on the terminal screen and push enter. You will then delete them one by one to make sure you get rid of them. Otherwise make a folder on the desktop and then drag it on the terminal screen and press enter.

Good luck

Note that it's a sign something is wrong in your file properties and authorizations… repair them everytime you install some software. Use Apple Drive utility, Onyx or Tinkertool System. Run also regularly the maintenance scripts (onyx and TS) both can also empty the trash if it's a rebel one wink.gif
The Wavs were all locked for some reason and I had to go to (Get Info) and unlock them all. All working fine now

Thanks for your help! smile.gif
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