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Hi there....

I'd like my mac (os9.2)/Logic audio 4.8.2 to run as smooth as possible...I already turned off a lot of extensions for my music set-up ,but with a lot of extensions, I haven't got a clue what they're doing...
Maybe someone can tell me which extensions to switch of best ?

Don't touch to quicktime extensions!!!! You need them whatever you do. And don't touch the video card drivers too (you NEED them a little you know)

Now it's difficult to tell you like that…

But you can get rid of most if not all printer drivers and thingies around printing (save yours if you need it, it frees some RAM), disable also fonts in the font folder you don't need (don't touch to the fonts of logic, of the system geneva/chicago/monaco… acrobat fonts if you have it installed…)

As I'm not a Logic user I can't give you a list (it'd be with the French names anyway…) but you can disable things one by one (by packages) and see if it runs smoothly.

Beware of all the Open transport related stuff if you need some network/net acces.
You can also turn of network extensions if you dont need them while doing music.
Virtual memory should probably be turned of - check the Logic manual for this.

All third-party extension that DOES NOT have to do with -
music/logic/quicktime/graphics card/ soundcard/midi-interface/-
can be turbed off.

Cheers: Dixiechicken
miloco - This has the majority of extensions u can leave on or off. There are more though so dont hold this as gospel.
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