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Full Version: Acrobat - Reading "pdf Files"
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I can´t seem 2 be able 2 read any pdf based files in my computer. I keep getting an "internal error" on the "PDFViewer" messege all the time.

I thought it was some kinda fault with my acrobat installation but I keep getting the same problem even after re-installing acrobat reader.

I don´t know what the problem is since am not a computer wizz, but I suspect that I might have deleted some important file way back when I had erased everything from my mac and re-installed them back again.

I think I deleted some important file that can´t be re-installed and it´s annoying since I can´t read anything from the net that is on acrobat.

Anybody outthere know what 2 do?.......Help!!!
Maybe trash the acrobat preferences… the PPC register database… restart
Rebuild the desktop of your hard drive… (command+option keep on on start up till computer ask "do you want to rebuild blah blah" say yes)

If it's still there, I'd make a thorough check of your drive with apple first aid/Norton/Techtools…

It may even be the system is screwed in some way but I can't be sure at all… huh.gif

You are running what OS exactly?
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