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Front image of CD "Pressure Vessel" by Mortal Engines. Image: acrylic on plywood painting by Brian Zievert (brianzievert@sbcglobal.n et)/ photo by Don Avera/Mortal Engines
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4 Dec 2008
I am not sure how to do this. I just tried doing it and the message I get from the program says it uses LAME to export. I am highly confused.
4 Apr 2008
Ok this is a fun exercise. Go here:

and post back whether or not you got the answer correct.

Personally, I got it wrong. Then again, I HAVE been wearing headphones, playing loud guitars, and swinging a hammer for years. The forum that I found this link on had postings from guys who SWEAR they can tell the difference. I think they are full of beans.
28 Dec 2007
I have owned my G4 Powerbook since 2004 and was just trying to open up Garage Band so my 12 year old can move between my computer and her own with song files. As I did it, I got a message saying "EVE directory not found". I have no idea what happened to it but I would really like to figure out how to get GB up and running without having to install a brand new version of iLife. My OSX DVD is in a box somewhere but I am not sure if my old version of GB is there or not. Hmmm..... I can't find any resources for new drivers or whatnot either. Any ideas?
19 Dec 2006
I have a powerbook G4 with 1.5ghz processor, 1.25 gig of Ram & OSX 10.3.9 with Ableton Live 5.2.2 & I was playing live the other day & not using my Firwire Interface as an output (instead opting for the "built in audio" option with a 1/8" adapter to RCA outs into a mixer) & on one song I started getting serious CPU overload at 62% & by that I mean audio cutout/stutter/slowdown....very ugly. This hadn't happened earlier in my home studio with the FW interface hooked up & it didn't happen when I got back home either (with the FW hooked up once again). Does using the built in audio really tax the CPU that much? Anyone else ever experience this? What was the solution?
27 Nov 2006
I know that this is not exactly a music question but I do alot of myspace networking & it seems to get really bogged down when I use my mac. I have a PC that just zips around myspace & a couple of places MUCH faster than my Mac. I am using Safari 1.3.2 (v312.6) & my updater says this is up to date. Would using Firefox get me around the net any faster in some scenarios?
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