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Professional graphic artist by day and aspiring musician by night. I play keyboard and bass as well as write and compose music.
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5 Jun 2005
Ok... I am stoked to be working on a new G5 dual processor 2ghz machine now at home. It came with Tiger already installed. If it had Panther... I probably wouldn't have bothered to upgrade to Tiger because I didn't think the new features were worth the cost of upgrade IMHO.

So, I have an airport setup at my home that I use with my Tibook without problems. I ordered the new airport express card for the G5 to work on my wireless network and now it seems like a waste of money for that card. The G5 just will not keep a good signal. Its very frustrating. Its the same distance from the base as laptop and laptop stays at full signal strength constantly. It makes no sense. One minute the G5 signal will be nice and strong and working fine... the next minute its down to less than 50% strength and eventually loses signal all together. Turning airport card on and off makes no difference and sometimes it does. So, I was beginning to think the card was deffective since I checked the installation (especially antenna) and its fine and computer recognizes the card no problem.

Well, before I called macmall to ask for return authorization to exchange the card... I did some searching on the net. Apparently, I am not the only one experiencing this signal loss with Tiger. I seen a couple of posts at that described having same problems when updating from Panther to Tiger. One even talked of certain network settings now working correcly. So, it appears maybe my card is fine and its the Tiger operating system. I didn't read the whole posts of those problems due to lack of membership for the site and they charge for membership.

So, would be curious to see if anyone else is having these problems with Tiger or other problems that appear to be related to their Tiger upgrade. It might be useful for those here debating whether or not to upgrade to Tiger as well. cool.gif
16 Dec 2003
Well, I have been considering upgrading my music setup to OSX especially since I just ordered a new G4 zif. Now I am stuck as my main application I wanted to port over currently has no upgrades available for sale. As in they ran out. Apparenttly the only way I can get Digidesign ProTools for OSX right now is to buy a device that comes with it. That stinks.

How do you run out of upgrade software? You stick on the site with e-commerce to pay for d/l and require info from precious version. rolleyes.gif So now I am left trying to scramble back to get OS9 wokring again on my new used machine huh.gif Very frustrating
16 Dec 2003
I am a bit stumped and wondered if someone could clue me in before I spend countless hours diggin through I bought a used G3 B/W Yosemite that came with OSX 10.2.4 as the boot system. Well I cannot get it to boot to OS9 for some reason. OS9 works in classic but this is of no use to me. I had a B/W G3 before this one and I had no problem with OS9 on it. I cannot even boot any OS9 CD.... it just hangs. But its has no problem running OSX or booting OSX CD... its current OSX.2.4 is a little buggy though.

So I was wondering if anyone know whether these mashines required a firmware update that when installing OSX.2+ that makes booting to OS9 impossible? I bought this computer to replace my OS9 music machine and without OS9 its useless to me. sad.gif
6 Nov 2003
Well... my main music machine has expired. I had been using a 350mhz G3 B/W desktop tower that has served me well for about 4 years or longer. Well, I had just lost my second internal drive since owning the machine and just got a third drive for replacement... upon initializing the new drive... my computer sighed its last breath and froze... rebooting brought power up but nothing worked... no screen display... no HD spin... no CD spin.... nothing. I couldn't even boot from CD. So took in to work and had our techs look at it... my worst fear was confirmed... it has a bad motherboard and replacing that is about as cheap as buying another used computer.

So tonight I lay my poor G3 to rest. I will really miss it. It looked great with my Digi001 and X-project drive and blueberry epson printer.... it was always there for me when I came home from work and provided years of enjoyment and entertainment. Goodbye my dear friend sad.gif

Synthetic Creations G3 B/W 350
May 1999 - November 2003

sorry guys... I am gonna need some time alone now sad.gif
15 Oct 2003
clicky here to see pic and specs!

IMHO this looks like a very cool idea and I am looking forward to seeing some magazine reviews of this product wink.gif
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