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Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals. Analog, Digital, MIDI. Jaguar. NEED: eMagic Logic X
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10 Jan 2003
I have some controller ideas, neato stuff I promise. Problem is, I can't even compile. I have ProjectBuilder, but that's hopeless. Not the *introduction* I need. I can use gcc/g++ at the CLI, but not for C++. I can compile straight C, but no combination of #includes will get me the right headers (I think this is the problem) for compiling C++. As soon as I try to change a printf() to a cout<<, upon compile I get 'cout' unrecognized, etc...

Is this a matter of telling G++ where the headers are located? How? Other ideas?

I realize that this might be considered "too basic" for this forum, but I haven't found anywhere that would seem more appropriate, and I can't get to newsgroups from behind this miserable firewall.

I'll sure appreciate any assistance.

9 Dec 2002
Everybody in the Mac universe (which is expanding) says to get a second HDD for "output", to keep OS and APP HDD hits from causing dropouts or some such thing. Sounds like very good advice.
Since I use an iMac, can I use a Firewire drive? Or does that all have to go through the processor, making it possibly a worse idea than just using a single drive?


3 Dec 2002
I'm so screwed. Please help me, if you can.
New to this whole thing, but remember LOVING eMagic Logic Fun on a PeeCee. Now don't beat me, I just know that Logic is great. SO I want it for my G4 iMac.
Installed Jaguar. Can't get LogicX yet (I'm in Japan, and the language barrier means I have to wait). Bought an "X Compatible OS9 App" of Cubase (VST? SX? the big sequencer, anyway) ver 2.0. Installed it and it ran fine. Made music. Hooked up my UM-1 to the big Roland, installed, nothing. Read FreeMIDI documentation, installed FreeMIDI (in Classic, you see). Read OMS Documentation, installed OMS. Cubase kept crashing, taking OS9 down with it (no effect on X smile.gif ). OS9 wouldn't even start up, until I disabled extensions.
Found obscure little note about not using OMS and FreeMIDI together. Darn. Un-installed EVERYTHING, used Extensions Manager to zap OMS and Free MIDI extensions. Re-installed Cubase. Won't even start now (Cubase, that is).
Sick of Non-X SW woes, but Logic Platinum is $1300! Holy Cow! And then I STILL have to download an X upgrade? Is that right?
But the more pressing concern is this: How can I zap whatever OMS and FreeMIDI disease has infected my OS9? I'll just work without them, and not connect the Roland until I have Logic (or something, er, cheaper as soon as somebody, er, develops it...). If I could just get Cubase to fire up again under OS9, that would be enough.

How I came to be Utterly Clueless: I have lived aboard ship for four years now, and until I got my G4 iMac, I hadn't touched a Mac since my Wall Street PB. Sad, huh? I'm obsolete!

Thank you for any help you can provide. I'm not used to being the ignorant new guy, but here I am.

Haakon B. Dahl, AKA lastmachine
Suffering in Sirence (no MUSIC!)
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