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3 Oct 2010
HELP! I have a Power Macintosh G4 (AGP Graphics) running System 9 so Iím trying to find a older version of Protools, I think something from the Protools 5 family (5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1, maybe 6? Anything that would run on system 9)

I am trying to set up this computer for my friend who is handicapped who is trying to set up some sort of home recording studio with this computer and a donated DIGI 001 for his support group. Does anyone know where I might buy / download/ trade / find a older copy of Protools? It would be amazing. Feel free to email me directly at sdpinc AT comcast DOT net . Thank you so much, any direction would be great!
4 Mar 2010
HELP Need to replace my old sampler / sequencer set up! Advice?

HELP I am hoping someone here can help me. I am, for a lack of a better term an electronic musician from the old school. I have several productions under my belt and I am needing to upgrade the way I do things.

I am very interested in a software as a possible replacement for what I am trying to replace but before I make a purchase of such magnitude I must first make sure which software will do just that.

To use the word musician to define me is almost comical because in fact I am more of a musical collage junk man. Basically I produce alternative style hip hop by cut and pasting samples, beats and loops, tweaking and adjusting them in a sampler (E-Mu E6400) then sequencing them all together using a computer based sequencing software (Master Tracks Pro) on my Macintosh computer so they all fit together into a song.

I really have no desire to change the way I create for the most part but I am needing to change my tools that I create them with being what I am currently using is outdated, and even more so important cumbersome. Here is what I am using and a brief explanation of how:

1) Macintosh G4 Computer running Master Tracks Pro MIDI Sequencing Software
( )
This computer while running Master Tracks Pro works like a external MIDI sequencer giving me 64 tracks of sequenced MIDI that I can program to trigger via midi the samples that are located on my sampler. None of the sounds are actually stored or edited in this computer or its software, it is purely a way to map or sequence or arrange the samples to be played or triggered in the order they are to be played in (piano roll) that I have recorded and stored in my sampler. Each sequence I can then save on the Macintoshes hard drive.

2) E-Mu E6400 Emulator Rack Sampler
( )
This is my sampler. It is where I sample sounds, beats, and so on into and edit them there. All of the loops and so on are "sampled" into this and I can do all of my editing on this unit. Changing pitch, tone, time compression, volume and even some small effects like 7 band EQ, attack, release and what not. I can really modify anything and then store it all on a zip disk. Each song has its own zip disk, which limits me to 100 MB of 44.1 kHz 16 bit samples.

3) M-Audio Radium Midiman MIDI Controller Keyboard
This is basically my USB connected MIDI controller. Sometimes I use this to trigger via MIDI the samples that are stored on my sampler to be played in a certain pattern. Its simply just to give me the "keyboard" interface I have become so used to using to play in my sequences to the sequence software.

4) Mark of the Unicorn FastLane USB MIDI Interface
( )
This is my USB MIDI interface I use.

Simply put I am looking for some piece of software that will work as both my sampler and my sequencer that I can even hook up to a USB keyboard to play. I am not sure what exactly these are called. Being able to sample sound files from CD or .wav or .aiff or even record it direct from an audio port, then edit them however I feel in the program, then to be able to place them into a locked in time grid such as a sequencer so that I can cut and paste and edit tracks in a sequence to build a song of multiple tracks playing multiple samples is pretty much exactly what I am needing.

So with that all being said, if anyone has any input it would be great!!!! The idea of being able to put this all on my new Macbook and take it on tour with me as opposed to the two giant rack tour cases I have to roll along with me would be such a huge blessing I can not tell you!

sdpinc (AT) comcast (DOT) net
8 Jun 2009
OK so here is a odd question for you all that I am hoping someone might know. I am working on a project editing large talk radio shows and web casts audio files. They are all voice recordings spanning 20 to 30 mins long of a host, and a few guests talking back and forth, like any other radio show. These shows were recorded live onto one sound file. I have been asked by a friend to take each of these sound files, open them up using a sound editor and cut out the "silences" in the conversations. You know the pauses between speakers, the semi dramatic pauses and so on. If for a non profit charity connected with health care, so they are trying to archive all of these broadcasts, but to have them play much more effectively making a 20 min segment into say a 15 min.

Not sure if I am explaining it right or not. Basically I'm looking for a program (for the Mac) that I can open a large sound file, (aiff / wav / mp3) then have it automatically look for "silence" of a certain duration and then automatically remove it from the entire sound file that I can then go ahead and save on the FTP for future people in need.

Any help would be appreciate as this would save a TREMENDOUS amount of time and effort.

30 Aug 2007
OK so I am o old school electronic musician looking to get into what is going on these days. Iím very used to rack mounted modules (Emu, Akai) and so on and running sequences through midi from a Macintosh based sequencer. I am really interested in learning on how VSTís work, you know the virtual instrument. I love vintage keyboards, but because of the cost of some of them, VSTís seem a much better idea. I wonder if someone can help me out with the understanding of them and how they work. Basically what I want to do is get a midi keyboard, use one of my Mac minis and then load it up with VSTís so I can use the different instruments like Nordís and Moogís and so on. Is this possible? Like to basically use the Mac as brain of the instruments, the VSTís as the sound banks and hook it up via midi to a keyboard so I basically turn the whole thing into the instrument, into I guess a software based synth? Is this basically right and if not can anyone help me get started? Any insight or help would be great! Another question I have about VSTís is in regards to running them. Can they run stand alone or do they have to be run through another program? If anyone could point me in the right direction here it would be much appreciated, I am really in a jam here and need some new sounds.
Thanks in advance
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