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22 Dec 2002
Hi all, please could some one refer me to a suitable post if this has already been discussed or perhaps report their findings..

I note that many of the posts in this forum quite rightly reflect the industry wide scramble to get things working under 10. Clearly there's little dispute we're going this way and the future looks bright for the big apple rebuild under the hood cool.gif but...

are there yet any benefits in performance under the new OS for audio? (technicalities aside now)

Much of the info I read regarding X (in the press, from developers etc) seems concerned to promote a smooth change-over, refined interfacing, integration, but little word on what we get out in terms of performance. For example, plugins that make use of the new code to deliver better efficiency. Does logic under X do anything that 9 doesn't?

Logic 5 is now an extremely elegant and powerful tool that forms the heart of my business -no more minor grumbles, it rules! It would be great to hear from other users who have shifted over.

Happy hols to all xx
15 Nov 2002
So, will the new UAD mkII and the very sexy looking a/d converter be the ultimate soundcard option?


here we are, as tantilisingly promised in the previous chapter of the gripping digi-jungle-gate affair.

Ready.. steady.. and get frantic like only big boys and girls who like sexy toys can!

Holli x smile.gif
10 Nov 2002
Hi all, anyone out there have any experience of Universal audio preamps et el? Having been blown away with the UAD I looked into their preamps, they seem to be modelled on some great vintage design approaches.

More concisely, what are the pro'sand cons of the 2-620 vs. the 2108?

I'm mainly recording sax and want something to plug my U87 into, be nice to push some other sources through as well. I'm a big fan of the Rudy sound and some of the work that comes out of Avatar (Breacker and so forth). Does anyone who uses them regularly fancy penning a few thoughts on the matter. All the best, Holli.
6 Nov 2002
Hi all, I'm a newbie here so apologies if I do the wrong thing occassionally! Just give me a subtle kicking if I get the etiquette wrong smile.gif .
I have this friend right, no really I do..! I just sold my digi 001 to a pal and now have a 2408. He's running a G4 quicksilver 867 machine with 9.2 and all the latest drivers from dodgy d's. It seems to freeze on startup with the DigiInit, but has been known to occassionally boot for reasons best known to itself. I had a similar problem when I used to run it on my G4 dual 500/9.1 but managed to fix it by appending a 'z' to the front of the extension, ie 'zDigiINIT'. It then boots later in the startup order and resolves whatever conflict was going on. This doesn't work on 9.2 quicksilver machine unfortunately.
Anyone have any similar experiences or fixes?
Love to all, Holli xx
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