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I am a college student currently learning the ways of classical music, jazz music, and sound engineering
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17 Feb 2003
i read that 10.2.4 was released, and i saw that it has support for mLAN devices now, but does anyone know if this includes the presonus FIREstation? i own one, and i was told that the osx drivers for it were to be included in the next update of the os, but i cant seem to get it to work when i hook it up in osx. does anyone have an answer to this? thanks.
6 Feb 2003
is there anyone else out there using the presonus firestation? i just bought one yesterday and it required me to go back to os9 for a while. it created some problems for me, but i think i have worked through a lot of them. now i am just having problems with the firestation itself. i am very disappointed in the unit at this point and am thinking about seeing if i can return it. i have not been able to get the ASIO driver to work properly. nor have i been able to get the mLAN patchbay, or the mLAN control panel to work properly. the documentation that came with this product was the worst written i think i have ever seen, and it does not explain how to do much. is there anyone who has had similar problems but has been able to work through it? i have heard rumors that osx drivers are supposed to be coming out soon, and that they are to be released with the next upgrade to the os. i just hope the firestation works a whole lot better in osx than it does in os9. at this point i am thinking about getting an 828. at least it works in osx, and it has been around longer. one reason i went with the firestation is because it was cheaper. it also has mic pres that are switchable from solid state to tube. but this does not mean much when you cant even get it to work.
5 Feb 2003
i was wondering how it would affect my XSKey and authorization if i reinstalled logic... i am thinking about erasing my whole hard drive and starting over... something strange has happened
3 Feb 2003
i have seen how they are going to release amplitube as a stand alone application for osx, but i was wondering if they are going to make an audiounits plug-in version of it... has anyone heard?
2 Feb 2003
what exactly was the mu-tron biphase? was it a real piece of audio gear? i was watching some video where they said they used it a lot. does anyone know what it did? and where i could buy one today?
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