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Fretless electric bassist. Rock, world, folk, etc.
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1 Apr 2008
Hi there,

Thanks for providing this feature! It's a great idea.

I created a blog and uploaded an mp3 and it plays back slower than it should. Any ideas why this is happening or what I can do to fix it? In case it matters, the mp3 was created by converting an AIFF file to mp3 using iTunes. It plays at the correct speed in iTunes.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
9 Jan 2007
Greetings, and thanks to everyone who makes MacMusic happen!

I apologize if this is redundant, but I've searched the forum and I've searched the Digidesign support pages, all to no avail.

I just purchased an MBox 2 Pro with ProTools Le 7.3 to run on my MacBook Pro 2.16 Core 2 Duo. Since the MacBook Pro has two firewire ports, I'm wondering how best to connect the firewire drive. Should the MBox 2 Pro go in one port and the drive the other, or is it better to daisy chain the MBox 2 Pro and the drive, and, if so, in what sequence? Does it matter?

31 Oct 2006
Iím new to MacMusic, and Iím sure these questions may seem rather basic, but I canít seem to find answers; hence this post.

I am currently running ProTools LE 6.1.2 through a Digi 001 on a 5-year-old 733 mhz G4 (OSX 10.2.8) with 640 mb RAM and a second hard drive for audio files (120 gb, 7200 rpm). I also use Reason Adapted inside ProTools some of the time. I experience a lot of error messages and often have to wait for the little spinning thingy when I am recording. It can be quite frustrating. Shortly after the purchase of my Digi 001, Digidesign discontinued the item. Not long after that, they stopped supporting it. This computer is being asked to serve as a family computer with four users, plus one user account for recording. Due to the aforementioned lack of support from Digidesign, I can no longer update my operating system (which is causing problems relative to the computerís use as a family machine) without also replacing my music hardware. As is usually the case, money is short so I need to figure out the most affordable solution to my dilemma.

My current idea of a solution is to leave the G4 as a family machine, perform whatever updates it needs to meet those needs, and buy a new Mac for music alone. This will also require the purchase of a new ProTools system as well as a second hard drive for audio. Apple has just released new MacBook Pros and I havenít seen anything posted yet comparing them to MacBooks.

So, the questions:

1) Will a MacBook loaded with RAM be enough to run ProTools and Reason, or will I find it inadequate? The MacBook Pro has more ports, comes with more RAM and has faster processors, but I could fill a MB with RAM and have money left over for the price of a MBP.

2) Which ProTools unit? I think I'm stuck with PT since I have been making some money doing session work for local studios that also use PT, although I don't actually know if I can use other software and still create compatible files to give them. Most of my recording is done by myself, one track at a time, so the MBox2 looks like it might be enough. Iím a little leery of the USB connection, which leads me to the MBox2 Pro, which is Firewire. Of course, for the price of the MBox2 Pro, it looks like I can trade in my 001 toward an 002 rack for about the same price through Digidesign's hardware exchange program. However, the 002 rack has been out for a while now, and after my experience with the 001, Iím concerned that it may become obsolete very soon.

3) Any Firewire drives out there that people like for audio?

Thanks in advance for any input and suggestions you may have.
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