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28 Jul 2007
Hi all,

I wanted (had a look in search didn't find anything) to know what (if any) free MS decoders are out there (MAC PTLE 7.3.1)

I had a WAVES trial for a year last year of all there goodies. There is a decoder in there but I don't think I could buy that on it's own.

Apart from that I know on nothing else.

Any info. will be greatly appreciated!

27 Jul 2007
Hi all,

I have to transfer a lot of DATS to PTLE via a mbox 1 - THe best way to do this is via spdif.

I have a cable connected to the out of the DAT to the in on my mbox1.

My sound card is on SPDIF / Digital.

The phono (digi) cable is plugged into out of DAT to in of MBOX. I've also tried it in different ways (as one does) in-case I really am loosing the plot.

Now the question:

I have no signal when monitoring in PT. What am I doing wrong? Please help. This should be obvious but for some reason I can't work out what the hell is going on here.

Thanks very much in advance for your time.

MAC 0SX 10.4.8
1.8Dual PPC
PTLE 7.3.1
DV Tool Kit II
12 Feb 2007
There are 3 new Dynaudio speakers coming out


I've read a bit about them but no-one seems to have heard them.


I'm asking as I want to update my actives that I have now.

Also I will get a sub. I've looked at them also but what's the best one for the BM6a range?


8 Feb 2007
Hi all,

I've been watching this forum for a while and it seems there are a good few people on here!

I posted what's below to the DUC forums but am getting minimal relies without much help - Can anyone here give there knowledge and help me out please?

I wrote:

After a week of bouncing to movie and no issues. Today (the day of all days) I am trying to bounce again and getting the "Volume not found error-35" message.

I had some Foley made which I supervised last week. The Foley studio uses TDM vers. 6.9 - I've never had or heard of issues opening (or adding to) sessions with a later version. Could it possibly be a problem now for the latest LE release?

The picture cuts started out as .MP4 - I converted them to .MOV I have also made a new session in PT - changed the name of the original and imported a new mmovie as you suggested.

I have trashed the prefs. and the database, restarted...

I have tried to bounce the file in different locations on internal and external drives.

Please help ASAP as I'm really stuck.

Thanks very much in advance!

Lee Grainge

G5 ppc 1.8Dual 5GB RAM
OSX 10.4.8
PT 7.3.1 LE MBOX1
DV Tool Kit II

DIGI at DUC wrote:

What kind of drives are you using and where, exactly, are you choosing for your bounce location?

This error is an OS error, not Pro Tools. It's indicating the the drive you're selecting for the bounce is not being found by the OS for one reason or another.

Have you tried bouncing to a different location?

Is it only this particular session having the problem? If so, is there anything specific or different about the video file in the session that may be contributing to the problem? What format is the video in and what type of compression does it use? Which drive is the video file on?

You could try creating a new session and use 'Import Session Data' to import all the tracks from this session, except for the video track, then recreate the video track and try the bounce again. If the session is corrupted somehow, this may get around that.

Someone else also has the same issue as me.

I have tried all of DIGI tech thoughts on this but to no avail! I can however edit the pic to the stem I made, but that's a pain when you've got a deadline!

Your help will be most forthcoming!


Lee Grainge

G5 ppc 1.8Dual 5GB RAM
OSX 10.4.8
PT 7.3.1 LE MBOX1
DV Tool Kit II
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