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Technology based composer, performer and educator. Particular interest in the impact of technology on music composition and education.
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7 Aug 2009
Hi folks,

I'm just putting together a suite of new iMacs for music tech in my college. Previously we were running G5 Towers with Logic Studio 8. Now I've got a Logic Studio 9 site licence on its way to me.

One of my tutors has asked that I have Logic 8 on the new iMacs as well as installing new Logic Studio 9 (when it arrives).

My question, does it matter if I install Logic Studio 8 on the iMacs before I install Logic Studio 9? And in fact, is it better that I do it this way around? If I do it the other way round, i.e, install 9 before 8 will installing 8 affect my 9 install?

Sorry to ask what's probably a dumb question but I want to be sure.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.
21 Sep 2005
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the poblems I face...

I ordered 7 Dual processor 2.7GHz machines at the beginning of July aiming to have them all set up with new software installed and ready to run a whole range of music tech courses beginning on September 19th. I don't think this is an unreasonable plan.

I'm still waiting for the macs and have had to postpone the start of all of our courses (Logic, Cubase, Reason, Live, Sibelius and ProTools).

I also ordered a 10 user educational package of Logic Pro on June 24th and only yesterday, September 20th, I received one media set. I received the dongles several weeks ago.

I also ordered a wide variety of other software updates all of which beat these orders even if they were placed much later.

I am a long time mac user and fan but in terms of running a department, I now feel that Apple have let me down badly. The Macs are on order from an Apple reseller but they have told us that there is a severe problem in fulfilling orders for the top spec 2.7 machines. The problem seems to be coming from Apple US who are failing to supply these orders.

Apparently, the Logic delivery problem was due to the fact that Apple have changed the way they package and sell multi user licences for education.

It seems to me that Apple are advertising products that they seem unable or unwilling to supply in a reasonable period of time.

I would be keen to hear from anyone else who has had problems with orders for this machine or any other Apple products when ordering for education as I don't think I can be the only one facing tough choices for the future.
16 Nov 2004
Dear sentient ones,

I'm running Ableton Live4 on 7 macs at the college where I teach. I installed the updates under my own admin log on.
Now, I'm finding students are unable to access the fx presets within Live 4. They're loggin on as student users (non-admin) if that's a clue.

The odd thing is that the folder in the Live folder that contains the presets resides in the Applications folder, not hidden in part of my user system set up.

I did check the ownership and permissions on the presets folder and it does seem to be 'owned' with Read and Write permissions by me and my admin account. But how do I allow student users to access these in any case without changing the 'ownership' of the folder? I'm not even convinced that they haven't got access to them in the first place.

I did try to change the 'ownership and permissions' of the folder to student and it crashed Live when I started it up from the student log-on!

Any ideas?

21 May 2004
Dear all,

Apologies as this post straddles a few forums so I'll post it here.

I am thinking about upgrading a studio of teaching macs.

Present systems feature:

G4 Powermac 733MHz 768Mb RAM
OS 10.2.6
Sound hardware Digidesign Audiomedia lll card
Music software: Cubase SX 1.06, ProTools LE 6.1, Reason 2.5, Ableton Live 2.1, Sibelius 2

Upgrade options:

1) U/g SX 1.06 to SX 2
Problem: Our processors may be a bit underpowered for SX2.
Anyone tried using SX2 on this spec of machine?
Have you tried it on 10.2.6 (min spec on Steinberg site states 10.2.5!)

2) U/g OS to Panther 10.3.3 and u/g SX to 2
Problem: Our audiomedia lll cards not officially supported - certainly not for Protools LE 6.4 which would run under Panther (we could u/g PTLE for free)

3) U/g audiomedialll cards to Mboxes.
Problem: is there any known issue between Mboxes and Cubase SX 2 under either Jaguar 10.2.6 or, if we go for it, Panther 10.3.3

Basically, we'll need to get new macs in a year or so but till then, there's no replacement budget available.
As this is a college, we need to ensure that we offer current versions of software, particularly Cubase which attracts most students.
My main concern is what is likely to happen running SX 2 on our machines so any experiences would be gratefully received.
I should add that we won't be necessarily pushing the program to extremes.

Many thanks

Music Tech Co-ordinator
The City Lit
9 Feb 2003
Hi there, I'm having trouble understanding how I can use a send effect in Cubase VST 5 and then send just the effected part of the signal to a further send effect before it goes to the master out. I'm using a powerbook with apple sound manager so only stereo physical output. In the manual it describes bussing the output to further process with outboard gear. Not what I want. I want to be able to add a reverb to a track then EQ just the reverb.
Anyone else had this problem and found an answer?
Kind regards, midiwife.
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