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Music is a part of me. The "Part" that grows everyday into my soul. If I feel slow I make a slow, if I feel happy the sound is "happy". You don't wanna make me angry :))
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27 Aug 2007
Does anyone have a Roland VM3100PRO without the software, who doesn't load the menu anymore?
I've a VM3100 and a VM3100PRO mixer that doesn't load the menu anymore, they have the BIOS crashed because I have try to control them thru a MIDI Software.
First time I didn't know why, second time it was too late.
The VM3100 or VM3100PRO software will crash if you will use a MIDI software to control it and in the same time you move or modify a parameter live (If you move for ex. a fader on the VM3100 he will send the modification thru MIDI but in the same time he will receive the same parameter from the software back again, but in 2-3 seconds, the value from the software will be different, I mean it will a value before the sending value so the software will say its something wrong with the in-out midi information and crash).

I have one of the VM's at a friend for rewritting the software but he can't help me until i have another one that works.He can copy from the third mixer to the other two the BIOS.

Does anyone have the hex from the sharp chip of this mixer?

I will try to buy another VM3100 (I try once and I was almost scamed by
If I will have the hex file I will put it on a site even if the roland policy doesn't agree.

I have the VM3100 from Germany, and the VM3100PRO from Canada.
Both country send me to my country seller (Roland Romania), and they said that if the mixer was broght from Canada , Roland Canada have to deal with the problem.

After some discussions, this was the answear:
"We are sorry but we do not suport this model anymore.."

So i am all by my self..
I put this post so that anyone with this problem should know if I have the solution and get the bootup software from me.
If I will have it , I will post a message as reply.
7 Oct 2006
I want to buy a Roland VM-3100 (pro) broken (physicaly).
I need a chip (the "sharp" chip) from the VM mainboard that contains the BIOS (ROM).
I have 1VM3100 an 1 VM3100PRO that are not loading anymore the ROM so I found some one who can rewrite the BIOS (eeprom) but he need the hex file or another VM(working) to copy it from.

I don't have much money to spare (I already have paid 700 + 900 $) for those two VM's so I was wonder if anyone , maybe , have some VM that was broken or used as spare parts smile.gif

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