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12 Apr 2007
Hey there everyone,
So I have some great tools for playing guitar through MIDI with only a single-note lines, but when I need some real good strumming patterns it just falls short. Any reccomendations for a realistic strumming guitar proggie for MIDI? Thanx.
14 Jan 2007
Hey eveyrone,
I'm recording a new song and for the vox I wanted to have a very filtered/synthesized vocal similar to that The Killers use (ie: "Somebody Told Me" and "Mr. Brightside"). I'm a newb so I have no clue really how to achieve this. I tried applying a low cut filter and that sorta sounded like it, but something is missing. Any ideas?
31 Jul 2006
Hi there everyone.
I wanted to use a typewriter as sort of a percussive instrument in the beginning of one of my songs, but cannot find any samples for one, and I really don't want to have to import a sound file into logic and then cut it up, but if that's what it comes to. Anyone know of a SAMPLE of a typewriter as an instrument? Preferrably for logic express/sampletank. Or maybe...does anyone it possible to build your own sample, like by taking a single sound (ie:typewriter key press), and then using it for every note, so I can then play it through my midi? Thanks a bunch.
21 May 2006
Anyone know how to reproduce that Elliot Smith signiture vocal sound? It sounds very layered, maybe a bit like the Beatles. I'm recording a song and put down about 5 vocal takes of the same melody thinking that that might achieve the effect, but it just doesn't sound the same. Any advice?
13 May 2006
So I've been doing some reading in this forum and have learned that, yes a large part of a good vocal involves the talent of the singer. However, technically what makes a good vocal recording?...after recording some of my own vocals and comparing to some CD's of mine I realize they need some sprucing up. I've heard about limiters and compressers and equalizers, yet I have NO CLUE what these do. I have fiddled with them a bit and can definitely hear a difference in the sound, but I guess my question is"What is the desirable vocal sound/quality?" and "How is it achieved?"...I'm sure this will spur a multitude of different I guest every just give your two cents. Thanks
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