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28 Jan 2008
Hey guys, I've been pulling my hair trying to edit patches for this thing. I bought Motu's Unisyn recently and it works great, I get to see all my patches and edit them... But not in real time!! Each time i make a change toa patch I cant hear it unless I save it somewhere in the user bank, then i have to skip a patch and skip back to hear the changes. I really hope there is another way, this is so tedius sad.gif
25 Jun 2007
Hey guys, im helping my cousin out with this game mod he's doing by making a bunch of custom music for it. i'm trying to get a halo kind of sound, lots of strings, stuff like that. good soundtrack stuff. but i have no good samplers on my mac g5, i need to get something that sounds really good. thanks guys!
20 Jun 2007
Hey guys, i was wondering if there was any processor out there that does that the work of the computer. so i can run all my favourite korg plug ins without worrying about slow down. thanks
20 Jun 2007
Hey guys. I'm wondering, whats some good software out there to do some 5.1 mixing with? I use ableton live 6 but it does not have any 5.1 mixing in it.
28 Jan 2006
i have a dual 1.8 g5 tower with 3 gigs of ram running mac os 10.3.9. im currently recording/producing an album and a soundtrack for an indie film. i recently bought an edirol fa-101 so i'd have a high quality recording interface. everything was working pretty well for a little while. now, whenever my edirol is on it eats at my reason cpu meter. i watch the meter as im in reasons soun preferences. when i click back on my internal audio (default) as the main out put my reason cpu usage bar drops to nothing, like it always used to. right when i click my edirol back on as the main out, it jumps more then 5 bars and clocks out on songs that used to be a breeze. reasons stops and tells me i have too slow of a computer, my eye twitches and i lose more hair. also, all the files i was working on with revision cause i needed something with a video track that has rewire (dont really like logic, love ableton live) while working on soundtracks no longer play properly. everything now plays in a highter pitch, but when i close both programs and open the original reason file its all ok and plays how it should. im really trying to figure out whether its my os (which i just recently re-installed), my computer (mayber theres something bad goin on under the hood), etc. i really have no clue. all i know is that ive invested over 7 grand in a computer, sound system, etc that is just plain not working. anyone? anything?
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