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24 Oct 2009
Hi there community,

I have asked this question of many other people and forums but no one can give me a straight answer.

I compose music using Logic Studio and all included sounds, VSTs and a lot of different libraries (EW/QL samples) with very little live recording.

I want to upgrade my system (currently using a dual 2.3 Ghz PowerMac G5 with 8 GB of RAM) to one of the new 27" iMacs - definitely going to go 16 GB of RAM and a 2 TB HD, but I'm torn as to processor.

I just don't know whether the 3.33 Ghz Dual Core processor will be adequate or I should wait and get one of the Quad Core i7 processors for about $500 more money, but I'd have to wait.

For what I do, will the processor make a huge difference? What I've been told is that processor only matters for audio encoding (which I am not really doing a lot of) or video work/rendering... not really applicable to composing with samples using Logic.

Any thoughts?


2 May 2007
This may be my "slow" area when it comes to computers, but I need some help.

I have 8 gigs of RAM for my G5 Powermac, and I try to run many patches in Logic such as many instruments using EW/QL and the like, but it keeps telling me that memory is getting low and may cause problems such as artifacts, etc.

But when I use the activity monitor, Logic is only using 1.92 gigs of RAM and there are still 5.11 gigs free RAM on the whole system!

What gives?

How can I make sure that Logic has the full power of my loads of RAM?

Thanks in advance!

24 Feb 2007
Hey people,

I didn't find a suitable category for this... if I missed one, please forgive me.

I'm trying to figure something that's sort of baffled me for a while.

If I take a film in any pc format, say wmv, which was shot and given to me in 29.97 fps and I take this and put it into iMovieHD to convert it to a mov file and it eventually compresses it to 12 fps upon export, does that screw up the SMPTE?

In other words, if I write a cue for a scene that is exactly 1 min when the film is in 29.97, will that same cue still fit perfectly if the film is compressed to 12 fps?

I would think (logically) that the time something plays out in, isn't affected by how many frames go by per second (ie a one minute scene still takes one minute no matter what the fps is). Am I correct in this thinking? Or not...

I'm just trying to save myself trying to find an actual working video converter to switch the file from wmv to mov so it will work in Logic (actually just trying to find any excuse not to have to use my PC!). Plus this has been a conundrum for a while which I just haven't had the time to test.

Thanks for any help you peeps can give!

7 Feb 2007
Thanks for taking time to read this (and possibly help me out).

I have been dabbling in Logic Pro since I bought it and am slowly getting the hang of the program, but need help figuring something out.

I have Logic Pro, as I mentioned, with some EWQL products, more specifically Gold XP is what I need help with. Those who know the library will know that you can have up to 8 slots per instance of the program/plug-in working.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to get one instance of the program open and all 8 slots filled up (thereby using only one instance of the program for every 8 instruments I need - IE. One track, one plug-in, 8 instruments). I assume if this is possible you'd have to somehow reference other tracks data back to this particular track and a midi channel... but what do I know. I'm can compose well, I just know very little about music technology.

Currently I have to set up a new plug-in instance for each instrument I want to use, and needless to say it probably bogs down the system a lot. I have a lot of RAM (8 gigs to be frank) but all the open instances and data, etc, adds up quickly...

Can someone tell me if what I'm looking to do is possible and if so, how to do it? Or an alternative or if you know what I'm trying to do, let me know how. Both the Logic documentation and the EWQL documentation have been no help.

Thanks in advance!

2 Aug 2006

I'm desperately trying to figure out how to create music using Logic/Cubase and the tonne of samples I just bought. Nowhere have I found ANY place on the net that goes through and explains how to create a piece of music using samples.

Can anyone show me on the web where a person can get free info on how to take a simple piece of music I've composed in Sibelius and use my EastWest library to record it? Things like that would be invaluable to me.

Any help?

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