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Major instrument is the bass. Have a pretty extensive home studio, which I am starting to do some serious recordings for indie musicians. I enjoy sequencing and am learning more each day that I persue this endeavor.
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25 Jul 2007
I have a question that has probably been asked and answered at least a 1000 times, but I cannot see to find the exact answer that I am looking for anywhere.

I am wanting to upgrade to a new Mac Pro Desktop system from my worn out and exhausted G4 desktop. I have a UAD-1's & M-Audio Interface on my present G4 Mac, which are PCI cards. Is there a way that I can convert these work somehow, so that I do not have to trash $4000.00 work of hardware and plug-ins? If these systems are now rendered useless, I think this is freaking ridiculous. I have probably $3000.00 in my UAD's plug-ins, and another $1000.00 in my interfaces.

What's strange to me is that all the music magazines (sweetwater, guitar center, etc) mostly sell interfaces that still only come with PCI cards.

Thanks for any direction you can provide!

27 Feb 2007
I recently lost inputs and outputs on my Delta 1010. My software detects the standard stereo 1 & 2 inputs and outputs on the interface, but no matter what I do, the other 6 are never detected. I have operated this system using the Delta 1010 for about 5 years and it has been next to perfect throughout all these years of operation and service. I have downloaded the current Delta drivers (2.0.5) multiple times, completely wiped (un-installed) drivers, removed PCI card, re-installing, reinstalled drivers, with still no recognition or detection of 6 out of the 8 I&O's.

I have tried it on 3 different audio software programs; Cubase SX3, Pro Tools M-Audio, & Abelton Live, and all audio applications only detect the 2 channels. As I stated earlier, all I have ever had to do is connect, activate the channel I&O's and make music. This is the first time I have experienced this particular issue. I am getting desperate, because I have several major projects that I am needing to complete that are needing all I&O's working to do so. If anyone could please provide me some direction, or maybe something that I could try and possibly get this thing going, I would greatly appreciate it.

If there is additional information you need, please let me know. Thanks!


Mac G4 1 Gig
RAM 1.5 gig ram
OS OSX 10.4.8
Cubase SX3 (Latest Drivers)
Pro Tools 7 (Latest Drivers)
Ableton Live (Latest Drivers)
Delta 1010 (2.0.5 Driver)
UAD-1 Plug-Ins (A Ton Of These)
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16 Oct 2006
My main recording audio/midi software is Cuase SX3, in which I have a host of UAD-1 VST plug-ins that I routinely and successfully use. I recently purchased Pro Tools M-Audio, so that I could import drum and bass tracks I had recorded at a local pro-level studio, in which they use Pro Tools. The question or problem that I have is, can I use my UAD Plug-Ins with the Pro Tools system? The UAD web site indicates that i should be able to, and that they offer a frree VST to RTAS converter that can be accessed and downloaded free of charge for registered UAD users on their website. Registered users are supposed to be able to go to their personal "My System" license/auhorization page and download this free converter. I have done everything that I know to do but, the free VST to RTAS software never shows-up to down-load and authorize for use. if anyoneout there could provide an answer, or simply give some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated! I am reistered in all areas areas that I have purchased this software.


Mac G4 1 Gig
RAM 1.5 gig
Hard Drives X4 300 Gig - Total
Lastest Drivers - All Software
M-Audio Delta 1010 Interface
Dynaudio Monitors
Behringer Monitors

Audio Software:
Cubase SX3
Ableton Live
Reason 3.0
Pro Tools M-Audio
Acid Pro
7 May 2006
I am desperately trying to buy some time before jumping in and moving to the new Power Macs, so I am considering one of the UAD-1 budles, for increasing plug-in capacity, giving my very tired CPU some relief. I presently do all my projects on a G4 933mhz, 1.25 RAM and a G4 1 gig Power Book.

The question I have, does anyone use the UAD-1 plugs with Cubase SX3, and, if you do, what kind of results have you had? I appreciate any reponse, guidance, are recommedations. The upper-end bundles are quite expensive, so I do not want to drop a bundle on something that will not be that beneficial in the long-run. I also want the software to be compatible for the day I do make the move to the new Macintel.

I just have to find a way to accomplish some quality mixing and pseudo mastering, with some quality plug-ins, without crashing m y system.

Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question. I don't post often, so i have not become familiar with the categories for posting topics. Please free to let me know if this is the incorrect place.


27 Dec 2005
I currently use Cubase SX3 for my audio software recording. I am considering purchasing Antares Auto-Tune 4 (vst) pitch correction software. which requires an iLock proetction-key system usb before it will function. The question I have is, can the licenses for the two (or more) different softwares be merged onto one usb (iLock or Dongle) key? I am qucikly running-out of free usb slots for accessing the dfferent protection devices now required for activating and accessing music software. It would be much more managable to have all liceneses merged onto one key.

Thanks for any guidance!

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