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3 May 2006
Hey all,

Does anybody know how ebay can offer such cheap versions of Logic Pro? huh.gif I don't get how they can sell them "sealed never opened" for so cheap. Just another ebay scam?

Curious if anybody has experience w/ software via ebay or any insights.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

17 Apr 2006
Hey everybody,

I was just curious if anybody has gotten a sneak peak at when mac plans to release newer versions of the intel-macs. I know the Towers are on there way, but what about new new releases of imac's & macbookpro's w/ intel chips?

Thanks in advance for your replies...

23 Mar 2006
Hi everybody! <said like dr. nick from the simpsons>

I've been doing a little bit of research on studio mic's and I think I have found a winner, but I would like you'all's input if you have any.

The Rode NT 2a seems versatile between the on-mic settings and any eq'ing done after the recording. My concern is that I know little about the company and quality of product. I am sure it's no chinese piece o' crap, but am unsure about it.

The goal is to buy 1 mic that can be used as a jack of all trades.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for responding. Cheers!
9 Mar 2006
Recently (february), I purchased a new intel iMac w/ 2 gigs of ram. Exciting right? ... well not exactly. After three days of flawless processing the iMac started acting up. I will not go into details (space is limited), but lets just say when I tried to return it apple allowed me to do so and apologized for any inconvenience.

The reason I feel this is post-worthy is I spoke to a friend who is now a part a class action law suit against mac for the first gen. G-4's which were riddled with problems.

Does apple have a reputation for rushing things to market? Is this just another example of that?

Has anybody else experienced intel iMac problems?

I am certainly willing to give apple the benefit of the doubt, but after spending 2G's on a computer that was clearly a piece of $#!t, I can't help but feel slighted.
3 Mar 2006
I searched the site for similar posts but found none, so hopefully this isn't a re-tread. Also, I figured this is appropriate in the "Getting Started" section since I am in fact getting started and need some advice.

Is it safe to say that I could buy Logic Pro and have everything I need for, sequencing, mixing, mastering, sampling, and multi-tracking? Accordingly, if I bought Logic Pro could I know I don't have to buy any other music production program or is that just the beginning?

Thank you in advance for your answers.
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