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20 Feb 2006
Please!!!!!!! Pleeeeeaaaawsssssse3eeeeee!!!!!! POST THIS EVEYWHERE YOU CAN!!!!!!!!! on the sunday edition block of adult swim befor Family Guy was aired a bump it some familair sounding music was on it. I could have swore it was Apex Twin and it was!!!!!! Some little **bleep** completey decide to purgurize one of Richard D. James's songs for a veiwer mucic project. I am steamed ( but that may be due to a litte innebreation) (notice my horrible spelling). But this should not be taking litely becuz this shows how much people do not resect others peoples work in the way of think that nobody else has heard of them. FOr the case that i present i would like to let every one know that the song was taking for Richard D. James' Apex Twin album "Richard D. James" track 4 i belive or it might be track 7. If you enjoy mucsic to its fullest and really respect it you will not stand for this. this goes to shaw that **bleep**ty commercial software product like Acid, Fruityloops, Garageband...ect. should not be thought of as actualy music medians. I belive that Adult Swim realy should take more time in reviewing the sumited music in seeing lite of this. I hope that this kid gets sued!! MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post this every wqhaere any as many times as you can to expose this fraud!!!!! lol fix up the spelling if possiable.
29 Dec 2005
I resenlty have become interested in microtonal compositions and i was wondering if anyone else has dived into this area and has any suggestions on some good material (mostly stuff on the theroy behind it) to get started.
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