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I am a guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist at my church I play guitar and sing by myself to tracks that I have created. I am currently writing some of my own materials for church music.
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8 Aug 2006
I am working with a new sound system setup at my church and trying to get a good recording set up using the Behringer powered mixer PMH1000. I am recording to a mac mini using audio hijack.

In the past we used a Telex device that just has an stereo jack input on one end and USB on the other. We were recording directly from the wireless mic reciever and using the effects on audio hijack to enhance the sound and it did quite well. Now we want to run the mixer to the computer so we can record everything, the problem is now I'm getting a lot of hissing and diminished sound quality.

I am connecting to the mac mini from out of the main line from the mixer as Behringer suggests. Some people have told me I need some type of interface device to change from analog to digital, but I was wondering why I was able to get a good signal from the wireless mic reciever without an interface before.

What I would like to know is what is the best set up to use to record from a powered mixer to the mac.

Should I not use audio hijack?

Do I need an interface?

If do need an interface device what is the best deal I can get for a simple operation? (low budget)
2 Dec 2005
I am using a RODE condenser "studio selection" microphone to record Classical guitar. I am using it with presonus firebox on garage band. The reverb effects and all sound great, but I get this hissing sound in the background. Is this normal, or do I need to do something to eliminate it. I was thinking about trying to record in the bathroom where the acoustics were better, just kind of a pain to set up there. Any advice would be appreciated
22 Nov 2005
I have been reading through posts and hear there is an issure with this. It suggests not to do this in the book, but some posts are saying this only refers to on the same side, as opposed to using, say, mic on the L and guitar on the R. Can anyone clear this up for me, I cant find out myself since I am currently using garageband which doest allow multitracking. I want to get Logic later and dont want this unit if I wont be able to do this later.
22 Nov 2005
i noticed the tascam us 122 is a portable device, which means it draws power off the computer. Does this mean that it will have a lower quality recording than a device that has its own power source. Also, in the book, it says that you have to be careful about running other usb devices on your computer, such as the printer, since it will draw power from it and cause sound issues. I looked at the review of it and didnt see any mention of this issue. I was looking at the M audio audiophile usb, but it doesnt have xlr inputs nor a phantom power source for condenser mikes. Is there something like the us 122 out there that has its own power source, or is this even an issue?
20 Nov 2005
I have just got started with Garage Band and find it easy to use. But I have run into some small problems that I cant figure out. When I turn monitoring on while recording a real instrument, it plays for about 6 measures and the pops off. In order to get the monitoring back on for that track I have to close the program and open it again. This frustrating, since I would like to record in real time with real instruments and am not able to. I am hooked to a usb port with a TELEX device which is a real cheap way to input real instruments into usb. Any help would be apprecitated.
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