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9 Feb 2007
hello all,

Is DP 5 a realistic alternative to PROTOOLS or NUENDO for editing/mixing film sound? Does it support any file format like OMF and AAF ?

17 Sep 2006
hello all

In order to uninstall plug-ins (AU, MAS or VST), do I need do more than remove the .component icons in the correspondent folders or are there any other files that keep the plug-inīs active in any way ?

Final Cut Express does not open and I suspect it might have something to do with Waves plug-ins. However after removing older versions and installing new ones (which they claim no longer produce crashes), the same thing happens.

How can I clean up my entire plug-ins from OS X ?

Thank you.
14 Sep 2006
Hi all,

I could not find a Traktor section, so here it goes:

Having installed Traktor 3 on my Powerbook g4 (1.67ghz, 1.5 Gb RAM), I noticed two things I cannot find an explanation for:

1. Using the same audio interface (us122) as with my PC, sound quality is noticeably better, the mp3īs sound much fuller and more detailed and not boomy.

2. Every operation runs very slow, namely the graphical rendering of waveforms on both decks,the analysing of the tracks, and the occasional glitches and audio interruptions. I have tried different latency settings but I am not sure of one thing regarding these settings:
- in Windows, the latency is selected through the buffer MB, 256MB, 512MB, etc. However in OS X, latency is selected by milliseconds.

Now, I know that the higher the latency the less chance there is of getting audio problems, but how can I know if 5.5 ms corresponds to 256, 512 or something in between ? Is there an "ideal" latency setting for an audio interface ? And can this explain the general "laziness" of the application or is this Powerbook simply too slow for the app ?

Thanks for any feedback.
31 Aug 2006
Hi everyone,

I have just installed the production suite and Final Cut wonīt start.

Are there any known issues with Digital Performer, Live, Reaktor or Absynth interfering with FCP?

On the report I see my waves plug-ins mentioned quite a few times but I cannot decipher why this is so.

Or am I just asking too much by installing production suite while having all these apps already on my system ?

I have a Powerbook G4 1.67, 1.5 Gb RAM.

Thanks for any suggestions/opinions.
14 May 2006
hello all

i am considering the ADAM passive monitors ANF-10, mainly because they cost far less than a pair of P-11 active ones. I have listened to both the P-11 and the Genelec 8030A, and despite a variety of brands/models in this category (KRK, Event, M-Audio,Tannoy,even Dynaudio...) I believe these two are on a class of their own regarding sound quality, even if they are very different sounding speakers.

my doubt is how much will I have to pay for a decent power amplifier and what are the suggested brand/models, since Iīm new to the whole passive monitors concept...

also I will use them for film post-production as well as music, so if thereīs anyone outthere working on film sound I would welcome any specific input regarding this area.

Thanks for any suggestions and opinions.
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